Jump Off the Merry-Go-Round of Your Thoughts!

Stress. It rules our lives so much. It can cause us so much pain and grief. It directly effects our health too. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything.

It raises blood pressure. It gives heart attacks. It raises blood sugar. We withdraw from those who love us. We lose sight of what’s truly important. We don’t think straight. We fall into depression. We lose touch with God. We fall into various addictions like food, gaming, drugs or alcohol.

Stress kills so much. Getting it under control is a necessity. Where to start? Start with your thinking.

We just love the word “overthinking” nowadays. We caress it and massage it and hug it to ourselves. We worship overthinking. But, c’mon, name it for what it is. Worry… Fret… Anxiety… FEAR.

Where fear is, stress rules.

Stress comes because it tries to control everything it fears. Therefore CONTROLLING your thoughts is imperative. Talking THE TRUTH to yourself is imperative.

“Everything” is not your responsibility. And worrying… OVERTHINKING about it.. helps absolutely nothing and no one. It just makes you unhealthy… it makes you eat and feel bad, make stupid choices, hurt the people you love…. which stresses you out even more on top of everything else. It all just snowballs.

Leave the responsibility for your life in God’s hands. That’s what fear and stress really are. Thinking I’m responsible to make everything in my life be right and go well. However, if you’re a child of a heavenly Father— then that’s His job.

Let go! Let it be okay for it to happen the way you fear it will. I mean, really. What if the worst case scenario happened the way you think it will? What would you do? You’d pick up and go through it the best you could, and you’d make it.

Human beings are resilient that way. You are resilient.

And if you look to God, he will be your strength in the midst.

Still, with that said, THE TRUTH is 99% of our overthinking is never going to happen as we imagine. So let it go. When the flood of thoughts come, tell them “no”. Walk away from your head. Walk out of the dark forest you’re about to create. Jump off the merry-go-round of your overthinking and fears.

Stop being a willing slave to your mind. To FEAR. You have a good Father. Believe in him.



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1 thought on “Jump Off the Merry-Go-Round of Your Thoughts!

  1. Cori Cervantes Reply

    I love this. What an honest, gentle perspective. I’ll be coming back to this as needed?❤️

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