It’s “That” Time of Year Again

Idk about you, but our family has been facing it’s rounds of colds and flu and other nasties that this time of year always seems to bring out. The temps have been up and down and all around, and the sun keeps disappearing. Actually, the sun is much of the trouble. With our disappearing tans also comes a drop in our Vitamin D levels, and Vita D is so so so important. Tho’ sun exposure is the best way to get Vita D3, thankfully, we are able to supplement with pills. You can get them from the store or order them online, but whatever you do, be sure to be taking them.

We take 10,000 units every day in the winter, and when sick, we take up to 25,000 units (we buy them in 5,000 units caps). Of course we supplement also with things like Echinacea Tea and Tincture, and Elderberry Tea, Syrup and Tincture, but Vita D3 is a very important staple for battling any sickness.

My kids get tired of me preaching on Vita D, but it makes all the difference! So, easy to just pop in your mouth occasionally. It’s a little harder with young kids, but still doable. Some of our grandkids are willing to eat a cap like a piece of candy, but others are more resistant. This weekend, we had the grands and I pierced a vita d cap and squeezed the tasteless contents onto a pickle and they ate it right down and never knew it! 🙂

Another so so so important thing for getting through this time of year is to be careful what you eat. Sugar tanks your immune system. Look it up. It’s true. So with the sun not helping with Vita D, and October beginning the ‘sweets’ time of year, colds and illnesses are sure to happen. Defeating the Sugar Monster is hard. Trust me, I know. But especially when you’re sick, try to lay off and eat well. You need the vitamins and minerals in good food during illness.

Be careful to also get plenty of rest and drink ALOT of water!

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