Is Jesus Really Coming Soon?

“Jesus is coming soon!” We’ve heard that for years and years. It’s usually spoken in relation to the evil we see in the world. But… what if Jesus doesn’t come in the way we expect? What if his “coming” looks different than we’ve been taught?

We see things on social media like, ‘Jesus came as a Lamb the first time, but he’s coming back as a LION’. You know, they thought he was coming as a lion the first time too. They thought he was coming to save them from Rome. They thought Messiah was to be a military leader. They thought he was going to rescue them from their oppressors. They thought that they were all going to be one, big, happy army, fighting Rome together.💪🏽

But that ended up looking really different than their expectations and the things they’d been taught. I don’t wanna knock any one’s doctrines here. Pre-trib, post-trib, mid-trib, preterist… but.. what if– it looks different than all of that?

Are we prepared for that? Are we looking for JESUS? Or are we looking for our expectations? There is a difference.

Jesus IS coming back… but, what are you going to do if he doesn’t come in the way you think?

The apostles thought he was coming to free them from Rome. But he came and told them to love their enemies. Indeed, he told them that their enemies were part of his mission—and so also theirs. They suffered for him. They died for him. Are you ready for that? Is your hope in an expectation that Jesus is coming to rescue us, or in HIM and HIS mission?

The kingdom of heaven is forgiveness when they hurt you; loosing them from your anger against them. The kingdom of God is dying on a cross when you’re innocent; dying of a broken heart when necessary. Christ’s kingdom is being a living sacrifice; laying down your life for your neighbor. That doesn’t look like a lion or a military coup over an evil government.

Such isn’t the kingdom Jesus came to preach. So what’s the kingdom you’re looking for? HIS? Or the kingdom of your expectations and doctrines?

Again, Jesus IS coming…. now might be the time to sort out our hearts and get really honest with ourselves.

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