Hormones, the Human Design

I will be 58 in a few days. And I’ve been dealing with menopause for the last going on 2 years. To try to understand and help with some of the wonkiness I’ve felt off and on, I’ve been researching different feminine hormones and their effects in the body. It’s been very interesting to see how complex and intricate the human design really is. God was pretty intricate when he thought us up.

To be honest, I’ve always thought of hormones as relating to only sexuality. You know, puberty and growing up, reproduction, pms, stuff like that. But hormones do a LOT  more than just those things. They influence just about every function you can think of in the body.

So, yes, there’s sexual function and all that, but they also send signals to your body in things like when to sleep and when to wake, when you’re hungry and when you’re full, when to feel stressed and when to feel calm, when to store fat and when to drop it, and more. They interact with your muscles, your belly, your energy, your emotions, your fat, your blood sugar, your sex drive; they essentially communicate with every single part of who and what you are.1

Hormones are basically little chemical errand boys (or, er—girls) that convey messages to your cells through your blood and it’s components.2 It’s kinda the same idea as sap in a tree that runs all throughout causing the tree to know how to react in various seasons. This is extremely simplified, but hormones carried in your blood are part of the “sap” in your body that causes it to know how to react in varied seasons and situations.

By design, hormones were created to link up your various cells and cause them to work together with a team mentality.(Rah! ⛹️‍♀️) If they’re doing their job correctly and their messages are getting through properly, you’re healthy, and your “team” is winning. If they’re doing their own thing, and the messages are getting dropped and sidetracked —then your “team’s” effort will be wonky and out of whack in one place or another.

This can show up as… depression, insomnia, obesity, stress and anxiousness, emotions (too much or not enough), sexuality (too much want to or not enough), autoimmune issues like diabetes and a host of others, migraines, brain fog, and on and on…. So it’s not hard to see that hormones functioning happily and in tandem is essential to your “hormonal team” experiencing the win!

While there’s many, many, many hormones in a woman’s body, there’s two biggies I want to look at: Estrogen and Progesterone. But… (and I’m sorry for the cliffhanger) that will have to wait for Part 2. 😋 However, I can say that I found out some amazing and interesting things–God’s designing of us really is pretty intricate and downright awe-inspiring really! We are indeed wonderfully made. Talk to you again in a few……

1Hole’s Human Anatomy & Physiology, pp 488-523

2Hole’s Human Anatomy & Physiology, p 489

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