Homemade Peanut Butter to Burn the House Down!

Peanut butter! I’ve made a lot of homemade things in my life, but up til recently peanut butter had never been one of them. But, peanut butter and Trim Healthy Mama kinda go hand in hand. And pretty much, me and peanut butter go hand in hand too. I love the stuff.

They encourage you to not go too crazy on it since it’s fairly high in fat, and I do watch, but dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter after dinner… um, yea…. that’s one of my staples.

THM recommends peanut butter that doesn’t have any extra sugar, so Smucker’s Natural is what I used. And I didn’t mind it, but so much oil…. ? It’s impossible to stir in all the oil, so it just sits on top and separates every time.

Well, not too long ago there was a post on fb about making your own peanut butter. And I got a bee in my bonnet about trying it. (I’ll share the link below).

They used raw (unsalted, un-oiled) peanuts for health reasons, and I certainly understand why they’d want to, but our budget right now is really-really, super-duper tight, so I went with generic unsalted peanuts which were only 2 bucks.

peanutbuttterburnthehousedown www.jordanscrossing.netThe recipe was so so simple. Just peanuts and salt in a food processor.

So I got everything out. Put 2 cups peanuts in and a couple pinches of Himalayan pink salt and a tiny bit of monk fruit and turned it on. Set the timer for 7 minutes and let ‘er rip.

About 4 minutes in… I smelled smoke! Ahhh! ? The food processor was literally smoking! Quick! Turn it off! ?

That 7 minutes is for someone with a newer food processor, not an old, old $2 thrift store cheapie clunker….. ?


Anyways, 4 minutes was just about right and the stuff tasted scrumptious! Warm and liquidy. Oooo and ahhh scrumptious. ?

And yes, the food processor survived to make another batch. (But you can bet I watched it much more closely next time. ?)

2 cups peanuts made 1 cup peanut butter. The recipe recommends keeping it in the fridge. I was totally expecting it to be hard as a rock. It was soft! For real. True story. Soft, spreadable.. easily spreadable. Easier than from a jar of regular peanut butter. It was awesome.

This recipe is a total keeper. Half the cost, no messy oil on top, can make it sweet or salty to my own preference. ..Just be careful to not burn down the house. ??

Here’s the link:


Give it a try and enjoy!


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