Herbal Tea Blends

Hey ya’ll, back again as promised with some tea blends. 🙂

We’ll be at the Bville Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 2nd. That’s only a week and a half away! Seems impossible it’s already been 6 months since we ended in October, and now it’s already time to start again. So much has happened in between…. Still a little nervous about getting around down there and dealing with the crowd, but looking forward to being back and seeing all our peeps too. 🙂

Still been working with tea, and I must admit… having fun doing so. As I’ve progressed in my stroke recovery, I’ve been studying about herbs more and more. Herbs are seriously amazing! They are serious medicine. Why don’t more people have success with herbs? I think one big reason is that basically, in America, we’re a drug culture (ever watch all the commercials?), and are brain-washed into thinking in terms of drugs–mainly that it must work NOW or it’s not working. Herbs are the opposite of that. They don’t force the body to respond immediately, but work with the body interactively over time, and the longer you use them, the better they work. It’s this time factor that most people give up on, and so don’t find herbs as helpful as they could.

Anyway, even if you don’t use these herbal tea blends for medicinal purposes… they taste good enough to enjoy just for an afternoon break here and there. So kick back, get a good book if you can, and relax! 🙂

Allergy-Relief Tea
I found this herbal recipe on the internet, and boy, am I ever glad I did. It really does wonders for hay fever. The first time I used it I could tell a difference in the (lesser) amount of snot and mucous I was producing. The creator of the recipe says that most people notice a difference rather quickly after 3 days of one cup a day.

Happy Heart Tea
This one is good for your heart AND it makes your heart happy because it’s so tasty. The herbs are carefully chosen for their heart-healthy properties, and each one is very tasty. And with rose petals added in for extra flavor… mmmm! I love using rosebuds as tea. So yummy and relaxing.

Miss Moody-Pants Tea
The name says it all, doesn’t it? PMS? A bad day? A bad mood? Depressed and over-emotional? This is the ultimate “chill- out” tea for those hairy days when every nerve is standing on end and/or when you just can’t get on top of things emotionally.

Mountain Meadow Tea (Magnesium and Mineral Blend)
I drink this tea every morning. This is Herbal Energy and Brain Food all in one. Like a multi-vitamin that’s completely absorbed and used by the body. For me, it’s been most helpful after my stroke, but I believe it could help many other conditions. Most people are deficient in necessary minerals, resulting in muscle spasms, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, migraines and other complications. Mountain Meadow Tea is magnesium-rich and chock full of beneficial minerals that if taken regularly can replenish and nourish the system.

Vita- C Tea
This is one of my favorite blends. Fruity, flowery, and lemony all in one. Vitamin C is so crucial to our very lives. It’s a powerful antioxidant and helps the body form and maintain connective tissue. Vitamin C helps to repair and regenerate tissues, protects against heart disease, aids in the absorption of iron, and decreases total and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and triglycerides. It can help protect against various cancers. Vitamin C may also lessen the duration and symptoms of a common cold and support healthy immune function.

So, come see us in a couple Saturdays in downtown Bartlesville! 🙂





The purpose of Jordan’s Crossing Herbal Connections is to promote the sharing of information about healthy, natural products and dietary supplements. JCHC’s views and opinions are INFORMATIONAL ONLY and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured or pregnant, please consult a licensed health care professional

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