Healthy Salts for Solé and Acne

100_1607Hi everyone, : ) We wanna introduce you to some different ways of thinking about salt in your daily routine.

What is Mineral-Salt Water Solé? It’s pronounce “so-lay”, and it’s basically a natural energy drink.

Drink salt water? YES. Every day. : )

First of all, we’re not talking about regular table salt here, which is made up of only sodium and chloride. Solé is a combination of mineral-rich, unrefined natural salts and water to make an electrolyte-dense formula that is taken as a supplement each morning. Without getting too detailed an electrolyte is a compound that ionizes when dissolved in liquid, meaning it becomes a charged molecule. So, when natural, mineral rich salt and water are combined they create an electrical charge that is highly absorbable by the body, which in turn, helps the body send electrical signals from one cell to another, assisting the kidneys in maintaining fluid balances.

So why do you need mineral-rich salt? Because when we don’t get enough minerals, nothing else works well in our bodies. We feel fatigue and slow because vitamins and other nutrients do not get broken down and absorbed when there is a lack of vital minerals. Sadly, mineral-deficiencies are very common nowadays due to depleted soils and poor diets.

When I first started using mineral salt, I noticed a big difference in my energy levels almost immediately. And when I get lazy and stop using it, I can tell the difference, cuz my energy levels noticeably drop off. The Solé also helps when it’s hot, acting as a natural sports drink, by replenishing lost salt when sweating. For myself personally, I’ve also found that I don’t get a dry mouth near as much at night during sleep.

How do you use Solé? Place the packet of mineral salts into a glass, pint mason jar. Add filtered (not tap) water and fill to top. Cover. Leave set overnight. In the morning, as in the picture, you should see some of the salt remaining on the bottom of the jar. This signals that the salt has saturated the water and it’s now ready to use. In an 8 oz glass of water, place approximate 1/2 to 1 tsp salt. Adjust according to taste. If it’s too salty, use less. If it’s not salty enough, add more. Your tastebuds should tell you what’s the right amount. It should not be unpleasant to the taste. Take daily.

Solé is a very good first step for those thinking about living healthier.

We sell 3 different kinds of salt in packets*:
Himalayan Pink Salt
Redmond Real Salt
Dead Sea Salt

Each have their unique minerals, and it’s good to alternate or combine them. We recommend Himalayan or Redmond salt for Solé.

We recommend Dead Sea Salt for a treatment of acne. There’s much evidence that sea salt, when used daily over a period of several weeks can greatly improve facial and body acne. There’s research to show it can help relieve psoriasis as well as acne, and if bathed in frequently can even help with arthritis. It’s also been shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles over time if used faithfully.

How to use? Simply take a pinch of salt each day and wash your face, or the area of concern, with it. Be diligent and stick with it because it may take 2 or more weeks before you begin to notice a difference. We’ve had customers report the effectiveness of Dead Sea Salt for skin conditions even as serious as lupus, so stick with it and don’t give up!

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