Growing Older with Dignity

It’s kind of a weird feeling, this growing older. It’s sure a sneaky old goose. Before you know it, she sneaks up behind you and suddenly bites, and then keeps on chasing you around the yard! 😵

You know how mommys’ lament how fast their little ones grow and everyone says they can’t believe their kid is already 9 or something? Or maybe you’ve seen the popular meme—“blink and they’re 28?” Yeah well, blink twice and you yourself are almost 60 and suddenly life is more than half over! 🥴

It’s a curious sensation of: How did I get here? Mixed with disbelief of sorts. And I know it’s not just me. I’ve heard people in their 70’s and 80’s say the same thing.

There’s some celebrities (ladies) that have chosen to age naturally, being dignified about it and not fighting the inevitable. Yes, there’s wrinkles and graying hair, and more makeup might be needed or hair color, but for the most part they still look normal for their age. Many of them very beautiful still in spite of the aging process.

There’s other celebs that have gone the route of Botox or plastic surgery. They look weird, their features distorted. You look and look, wondering if that’s really them, until you finally get a glimpse of something that says, ‘yes, I see it now.’ In their quest for retaining the beauty of youth, they’ve made themselves the opposite, almost frightful even.

I keep thinking of when King David was talking to his son about his impending death (1 Kings somewhere). He told Solomon, “I am going the way of all the earth.” This is it. The way of all the earth: Wrinkles. Gray hair. Loss of strength and beauty. General decline. That’s the way of all earthly things. Nothing escapes it. Every. single. thing. on. earth. matures, mellows, wanes, and eventually wears out. That includes my physical body.

And I can either accept it with dignity and embrace that fact; or I can run from it.

I look at the engagement picture on my wall and I see a young lady from 30-some years ago who cared a lot about appearance, self, and outward beauty. But she didn’t care much about character or the inward things that actually make a woman truly beautiful. I certainly didn’t like that person. And I certainly don’t want to be her again. I look at pics of me now and confess that I wince at the wrinkles and graying hair a bit, but I know I am much more settled with the person whom Jesus is teaching me to become than I was back then.

So, I’ll go with the wrinkles and gray hair and finish my course on this earth the way God has ordained life to be here. Finite and fading as we go. I can fight it and end up ugly, or I can embrace the radiant, inner things that make people truly beautiful– and grow old there. 🌱

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3 thoughts on “Growing Older with Dignity

  1. Lynn Reply

    That last paragraph is well said. Regret for not taking the time to give your children the comfort they need isn’t worth the few minutes it takes to fulfill their request. Being a mom is the best job ever. I wish every woman would embrace it and men would embrace the role of father. Such a gift those roles are. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of being a parent. The hardest job but the best job!

    Aging! I cried when I turned 60! There was much to grieve because we can’t undo the choices we make and then suddenly those things you thought you would do are not an option. I’ve never cared about my age before so the grief was a surprise. I felt I was running out of time and I had not done things I wanted to do. I’m still not sure how to feel about it because I’m tired but I’m not dead yet. 🙂

    At 63 maybe now is God’s time for some more character development. I think I could use it. His lessons are the best.

  2. Lora Reply

    Amazingly said! Growing old gracefully ! Where has the time gone, life has been good, loving my family and my God,for he has & will take me where ever he leads! Love y’all 😉💞

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