Glycerin Soaps

Are these not the prettiest things you’ve ever seen??! What fun it was to label these little gems of colorfulness! 🙂 Yes, we’re adding soaps to Jordan’s Crossing. Glycerin Soaps to be exact. Plain, pure, and sweetly simple. Glycerin soap is well-known for it’s gentleness. It’s perfect for all skin types, and it’s moisturizing properties surpass commercial soaps by far. Wonderful as a cleanser, shaving bar, or even use as a shampoo bar.100_1651

We use a melt and pour base for the soap which is natural and free of chemicals. We then add soap colorant which is not entirely natural, but given the fact that only a couple of drops are used for each batch, and also that the colorant is non-toxic, we were comfortable including it in the final product. So, it could be said that these soaps are about 99% natural.

We’ve scented the soaps using essential oils. Some of our fragrances include:

Lovely Lavender (calming and lovely)
Lemongrass & Lavender (tension-relief as well as calming properties)
Rosemary & Lemon (focusing, enlivening)
Tea Tree (antiseptic and anti-bacterial)
Orange & Peppermint (uplifting and invigorating)
Pink Grapefruit (joyful and happy)

We’ll be uploading the soaps to our internet store over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye 100_1658out!

Also, you can find us at the Farmer’s Market area in downtown Bartlesville this coming Saturday. It’s our last day down there for the year. Come and see us! After that, visit us online, or starting in November, come visit our little store just outside of Barnsdall.


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