Fun Walking Workouts for Wintertime or Anytime

I wanted to share a fun form of walking that I’ve been doing for a couple years now. As some of you may know, I have a bum leg left over from my stroke that kind of gives me fits if I don’t exercise it. It’s all good when I can get outdoors and walk, but come wintertime that’s more of problem. Well, in searching for a solution, l happened onto Indoor Walking I started out with this girl. Her name is Holly Dolke. She does a combination of 30 seconds walking with 30 seconds of stretching. It’s fairly slow paced, and just what I needed starting out. The stretches weren’t terribly complicated and the pace of the walking was fairly docile.

Then as it got easier over time, I graduated up a little to Fabulous Fifties and Schellea Fowler. Same sorta thing as above. 30 seconds walking with 30 seconds of stretches, but a little more advanced. I like the Fab Fifties channel a lot. She has more than just exercise vids for us more experienced “elderly” ladies. 😉 And seriously, I think I’d watch her even if I were in the younger set. She’s just fun with lots of positivism and good thoughts to share and encourage you with.

Then there’s Leslie Sansone that I’ve been doing most recently. Way more upbeat and aerobic. I still have a bit of trouble with this one, but the more I do her vids, the easier the foot work gets. And remember… that’s me with a lame leg. I’m doubtful too many others would have troubles with this. I can tell this is actually exercising my leg. Not that the others don’t, but it’s more than just stretches. Plus, you get a good cardio work out with this one, something that’s hard to do in the middle of winter even if you can go outside cuz it’s too hard to get warmed up.

So there you have it. Whichever level you’re at, whichever video you choose, be sure to have FUN. Exercise goes quick if you’re enjoying it. 🙂

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