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Hi y’all! Basically, to be honest, at this point I’m simply writing to keep the blog going until such time that I can give it more attention. All of my life has become about rehab and therapy- literally, and will be so through the end of February. After that, perhaps I’ll have more time to focus back on Jordan’s Crossing.

I’ve been steadily improving. My arm and hand are coming back, so much so, that I may graduate early from Occupational Therapy. Still working on strengthening my hips and legs, and on learning to balance better, so that I can walk more normally. I’ve gone from a walker to using a cane now much of the time around the house, and have tentatively begun using the cane out in public, although I wouldn’t say I’m very confident in that yet. As for my speech, the music in my voice is returning and I can carry a tune again. Those who didn’t know me well before say they think my speech sounds fine, but for those who knew me well, they can still tell a difference. I can still tell the difference in my head.

We have been working on making quality Colloidal Silver, which I’ll write about more in depth at a later time. It’s a natural antibiotic that can do some amazing things. We’re also considering capping some of our own supplements, like Turmeric for instance, which we believe may have played a role in why my stroke was so light. Again, I’ll write more on that later……

Our internet store is still open so stop in and browse around. If you order any time up through next Sunday, Feb 8, we’ll send you a FREE bar of glycerin soap (our choice of scent). We’ve had many compliments on our soap, so be sure to take advantage of this offer.

Til next time!

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