Faith in Man or Faith in God?

Mary Beth Wine, CCAT, NHC

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1 thought on “Faith in Man or Faith in God?

  1. LT Reply

    So timely and I won’t bore you with my medical details, but in this season of my life it appears that My Heavenly Father wants me to rest. I have never been so frustrated with medical personnel as I am today due to the covid baloney to say it kindly. Sometimes God forces us to slow down and take an inventory so that we can hear what He has for us next. I don’t think I would have slowed down if all of my issues would not have cropped up. I was doing too much for others and not taking care of myself – mind, body, spirit in a way that is really beneficial. And I have felt guilty about not “producing”, but since it is what it is, I am going to try and just be and let God direct my steps toward wholeness. I appreciate your words. – The medical field is so much about money and not about wellness, it breaks my heart, but it’s out of my control.

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