Exploring Magnesium Oil

Magnesium is a critical nutrient for so many different bodily functions. A lack of this mineral can effect so much. Low magnesium is often the source of headaches and migraines, and additional things like poor concentration, restless legs, bowel troubles. Fatigue, insomnia, fibromyalgia, mood disorders as well… and all that’s just the bigger stuff!

It’s not really an “oil”, but since it feels slightly oily on the skin it’s been tagged as such. It’s actually a concentration of Magnesium Chloride which is found at the bottom of various mineral seabeds around the world. I’ve heard it described as ‘chalky’—as in when you run your finger over a piece of chalk. It does feel like that a little bit, but with a tiny sensation of sticky-ness to it.

The most effective way to absorb magnesium is through the skin (called transdermal absorption). It goes straight into your blood vessels and muscles, and then on into your entire system. Taking it internally is good in supplement form, but your digestive tract doesn’t always allow the nutrient to accomplish its full function. By using it topically as well it can have immediate benefits on things like external pain, muscle tension, insomnia, and… even wrinkles! 😀 (yes, you read that right. I like to use it on my face) and then from your skin it travels inbound to effect your internal organs. Areas like your heart, brain, bones, and nervous system, etc.

Last year we started selling magnesium oil spray, magnesium oil lotion, and a Dead Sea Salt magnesium scrub at the Bartlesville Farmers Market. Everything that’s needed to get more of this important mineral into your system! We’ve heard lots of good things from our customers, especially from those who struggle with restless leg syndrome.

What’s the best way to use it? Apply a few sprays to your feet, legs, abdomen and shoulders or any area where muscles are tight and problematic. It’s not necessary to excessively spray; just spray moderately and massage it well into the skin. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. If you have a deficiency of magnesium, expect tingling! This will go away after your body absorbs what it needs and adjusts to the extra magnesium intake. (Like, i no longer tingle at all when I apply it). After 20-30 min, you can wipe it off or shower.

Mag oil is adaptogenic, therefore it’s a great little energy pick-me-up in the afternoon. If using it on your face, first spray your fingertips and massage it in, being careful to avoid your eyes. I usually use it on my face, leave it for 20 min then do my regular skincare and makeup routine. It’s amazing how it irons out those wrinkles (not that I have any. ;))

We get asked alot if one should use spray or lotion. Alot of folks like to use lotion after spraying mag oil, so the magnesium lotion would combine those steps, but the lotion is also diluted (with lotion obviously) and so isn’t as concentrated as the spray.


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