Exfoliation, Luminosity for Your Skin

Itch, itch, scratch, scratch! As the colder weather descended upon us, I found myself feeling horribly, constantly itchy. Almost to distraction. My need? Exfoliation!

Exfoliation is a process that rids the body of dead, dry skin cells from the surface of the skin. It’s benefits are many:

It allows skin to breathe and brightens the complexion. It fights signs of aging, reducing fine lines and sun damage, and improving skin tone. Exfoliating regularly prevents breakouts, helps eliminate blackheads and whiteheads, and soothes acne. It also allows a closer shave, and allows skin care products (like lotion) to work better. Health-wise, it increases blood circulation, detoxes skin, kills bacteria, and also stimulates the lymphatic system which in turn improves immunity and flushes metabolic waste.

It also helps get rid of the itchies!

We have several natural products that help to exfoliate the skin. First there’s the very basic Loofah pad. Sugar scrubs are another excellent option. Then there’s a new product that we call Luminosity because it truly makes your skin glow. Made with brown rice flour, rose hips powder and honey crystals. Nutrition for your face!

The brown rice flour is the exfoliatior. The rosehips and honey powder provide the face with vitamin c and other ultra-nourishing vitamins and nutrients which help to soften skin, reduce signs of aging and damage, and truly give your skin a happy glow.

I like using it on my face, neck, and even my arms before I get in the shower where I can then easily rinse it off.

Beware though. Exfoliating will cause intense itching if you’ve not done it for a while. Your skin is suddenly free to breathe and your brain interprets that as an itch.

That’s where lotion afterwards comes in. You can use any lotion, but our lotion bars are perfectly suited for helping with the after-itch that comes from exfoliating. They leave a barrier of moisturizing, protecting beeswax to nourish your skin.

So give exfoliating a try! You will just adore your ultra soft, gently glowing, non-itchy skin!

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