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Ok. I kinda wanna take a lil bit to talk about the essential oils we sell. We purchase imageour oils from a company called “100% Pure Essential Oils”. We’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences with them, both as a company and with their oils.

However, the most popular oils, far and away nowadays, are Young Living and DoTerra. We get asked about them all the time. We don’t have anything against these oils. They’re very good actually, and one of my favorite oil blends is Young Living’s Thieves Oil. I can attest to how well it works, and I’m thankful for the friend who gave me the sample. I just confess having a hard time with paying 40(ish) dollars for less than half an ounce.

And that’s honestly our main beef with these companies. It’s the pyramid way in which they market their oils which drives up the cost. I guess I’m just too frugal to spend the big bucks. ?

So, we went searching for an oil company that was less costly, yet still sold quality oils. We landed on “100% Pure Essential Oils”, and have been shopping there ever since. They’re not the most expensive oils, but they’re not bottom of the line cheap either. And they work. We’ve personally used them on everything from burns to bug bites to hormones to breathing issues and more.

There’s a lil test that you can do at home to see if the oils are pure or have had carrier oils added to them (which is the rumor that some EO companies do). Now, mind you, this is not rocket science or brain surgery. The test is, by far, not precise or technical. For that, you’d need to send an EO sample off to a lab to be tested which would cost a couple hundred (which btw, isn’t in the budget either 😛 ).

Anyway, basically you put drops of EO’s onto a piece of paper and see if there’s a ring left after it evaporates. If so, then it’s probable that it’s been cut with some other oil and isn’t pure.

imageAs you can see, I did this on a piece of brown construction paper. I first put the oils on at 12:55 in the afternoon. It was a church night, so I didn’t get back to it until the next morning. As you can tell from the second pic, the oils evaporated nicely and left no oil ring or greasy residue. (Although some of the oils were naturally darker in color than others). Again, not terribly scientific, but good enough for me.

imageThree of the oils, Lavender, Palmarosa, and Cinnamon, did seem to leave darker circles, so I put those oils on a separate piece of plain notebook paper, which was thinner than construction paper, and tried the test again. They evaporated quickly and were lighter in color on the white paper test. And again, no oily ring to be found.

Soooo…… Bottom line? We’re comfortable using these oils ourselves, have found them effective, and we’re comfortable selling these oils to others. We believe the company’s guarantee that they’re pure. We do appreciate those who sell more expensive stuff, it’s just not where we’ve chosen to land.

Sweet aromas to you, ???

You can visit “100% Pure Essential Oils” at this link.
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