Essential Oil Questions

When folks ask me questions at the market, I rarely feel like I do the answer justice. Since my stroke, I just don’t think fast enough and often blank out on words and thoughts. Most people are polite and patient, and I’m thankful for every one of you, but still, I just don’t feel I always do a good job in the answers department.

Well, a couple weeks ago, a nice lady had some questions on essential oils which I didn’t feel I explained real well, so I thought I’d answer them more fully here.

Q: She asked about our glycerin soaps and why they lost their smell after a while.
A: Our soaps are scented with essential oils which are very different from fragrances and synthetic scents which last throughout the use of the bar. Essential oils evaporate somewhat quickly when exposed to the air, so after our soap has been out of its package for a while and has been used a few times, it seems it loses much of its scent. However, lather it up and smell it and you’ll find the scent is still there since the EO is still in it.

Q: The lady then asked about some Patchouli oil that she’d used a long time ago and would put it on and it’d last all day.
A: I explained how different oils have different evaporation times. Aromatherapists categorize the evaporation speed into what’s termed as “notes”. An oil that evaporates very quickly is a “top note”. Some examples would be Eucalyptus and Citrus oils. Then there’s “middle note” oils which would include oils like Lavender and Rosemary that take a lil longer to evaporate. An oil that takes the longest to evaporate is called a “base note” (which I couldn’t think of at the time). This would include oils like Cedarwood and Clove…and the Patchouli she mentioned.

Q: She then asked why we didn’t sell larger sizes of oils.
A: There’s not a lot of call for larger sizes at the market, so we don’t stock them, but we can custom make half-ounce sizes of any of the oils we sell. Just email us, or ask us in person if you’re around here. (Update: the oils we sell are available in our store and list 5ml sizes or 15ml that a person can purchase).

Ok. Whew. I feel a little better now. Lol. I realize my being able to explain things well isn’t probably something anyone even gives much thought to, but it’s important to me in my perfectionistic pea brain. So, there you have it.

Happy day to everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Essential Oil Questions

  1. Debra A. Shannon Reply

    How nice of You to explain yourself! I remember talking to you. My Sister has brain injury, so i notice stuff. It has actually taught me to think a little longer before i speak.? Peace on your journey.

  2. Mary Post authorReply

    Hi Debra, just now seeing this. Thank you so much! It’s nice to see there’s some people who see and understand. Lightens the pressure of expectations a little. ?

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