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Last Saturday’s Market was a success with over a 1000 people coming to downtown Bartlesville to visit! There was good coffee, good food, and great music (imagine 2 older bald guys singing “Hair”. Funny. Lol). Alot of the veggie vendors sold out, but they’ll all be back this coming Saturday with more garden goods.

We’ll be down there too, even tho’ they’re calling for possible rain. The market doesn’t close unless there’s storms and lightning. We’ve been there enough times now to know that often what the weathermen are predicting isn’t how it happens (sometimes yes, but very many times, not). If we’re able to go we probably won’t do our whole set up, but will at least have one table going, if possible. We’ll see how it all plays out.

The popular item last week was Essential Oil Samples –which was, of course, the one thing last week that I didn’t work on getting ready very much. 😛 So, I’ve spent extra time this week making up more samples.

100eoEssential Oils are very popular nowadays. We get asked a lot if we use Young Living or DoTerra Oils. We don’t use either. Not that we’re against them, but they’re very expensive. Our desire as a family was to find an essential oil company that was affordable and wouldn’t break our bank, but yet, were still quality and the oils actually worked well. After some searching, we landed on a company called 100% Pure Essential Oils. We have found them to be helpful, knowledgeable, honest, and quick to do good business. We ourselves personally use their oils for our own health issues and have found them very adequate for our needs. Their oils are guaranteed to be undiluted, no pesticides, non- GMO, and no additives. Just 100% pure and natural.

The samples we sell are considered 1 dram or 4ml, and they hold 4mlapproximately 75 drops, and come in their own itty, bitty, but convenient dropper bottle.

Stress Relief– Chill out quickly. I’ve used this blend when I can feel myself getting stressed out (like PMS symptoms). It only takes about 10 minutes before I can tangibly feel myself relax and chill. I also use it for times when I know that I will be getting stressed – like at the dentist. Just takes a couple-three drops to start feeling less tense.

Mood-Lifter– Mmmm.. this smells sooo good. Bergamot is a citrusy kind of smell that we’ve paired with Palmarosa which is a rosey-geraniumish-floral kinda smell and the Rosemary brings it all together. These oils are known to combat depression, anxiety, and to calm irritableness and frustration. Use this blend at peak times when you’re feeling out of sorts and unfocused, or use it when you’re low and needing a smile.

Cold n’ Flu– Many years ago, I first heard about the famous “thieves” of the 16th century who went around grave-robbing during the time of the great plagues in Europe. They were able to carry out their escapades and escape contracting the sickness by wearing a combination of dried herbs around their necks. This is our essential oil version of the thieves blend. Use it when you’re out in public to protect from getting the germs of others. Great to put on the bottoms of the feet of children who won’t take meds any other way.

Headache Blend– Headaches stink. But they’re a fact of life. Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Peppermint are all proven headache busters where essential oils are concerned. Especially good for tension headaches. Rub a couple drops from one temple, across forehead, to the other temple. Massage in gently for help in decongesting. Be careful to not get in eyes. Reapply every 20 minutes or so until headache is gone.

Well, maybe we’ll see ya tomorrow and maybe we won’t. Hope so tho’! 🙂 Hope you have a great day either way! 🙂



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