Embracing the “E” (of Trim Healthy Mama)

I’ve been on the Trim Healthy Mama plan for just shy of 6 months now, and have dropped 15-20 lbs and my diabetes*** and blood pressure are coming under control, all without drs. prescriptions.

No, THM isn’t a “diet”, but rather, it’s a way to eat that keeps your blood sugar level under control …which has the oh so pleasant side-effect of weight loss as a happy (jump for joy!) bonus.

If you’re not familiar with Trim Healthy Mama here’s a few things you need to know so that I can write about it and you not be totally lost. ?

High Carb = Sugary Sweets. Fruits, and sweeter Veggies (like beans, corn, or sw potatoes, etc)
Low Carb = No sugary sweets, and tiny amounts of fruits, and only non-starchy veggies
S meals = Satisfying meals (low carb, higher in good fat)
E meals = Energizing meals (fruits and sweeter veggies, low in fat)
FP = Fuel Pull (low carb/low fat)
All THM meals have a protein source added to them.

(There’s links on our Pinterest site to others’ beginners guides on THM for you to check into if you’re interested).

Anyways, this post is some of my thinking and discovery about E meals lately. E stands for Energizing. It’s a higher carb, lower fat meal with a very lean protein source like chicken breast or 0% Greek yogurt at the center. That means it has fruit and/or veggies that are on the sweeter end of the veggie spectrum.

Like many, I find I’m hungry after E meals within an hour or two at the most. Since it has higher carbs and lower fat, the metabolism tends to burn it off more quickly. For instance, I just had an E meal for lunch and it’s only been an hour and a half, and I’m already feeling hungry again.

On the THM plan you’re wisely encouraged to wait 3 hrs between eating, otherwise your blood sugar would be continually elevated from feeding your face constantly. So I still have an hour and a half, at least, til I can eat my next meal.

Some strategies that others have mentioned to get me through to that 3 hr mark which have also worked for me are: to drink a Shrinker or Moonshine or a fuel pull protein smoothie/shake. Also to eat some non-starchy veggies like celery sticks or cukes. These things do work, but I confess I still often feel the edges of hunger pangs.

But! I’m seeing how the feeling should be embraced and not run from.

Let me back up for a minute.

A long time ago I would fast and detox from sugar for a few days every now and again. I would periodically do a 3 day sugar fast just to try to keep the monster under control. I’d join that with eating simple foods, which amounted to eating less food. The first day was always THE worst. Shaky, headachy, snip-snappy withdrawal symptoms with a grumbling, hungry belly. But after I’d get past that, I felt great!

E meals are basically the same concept. The beauty of it is that nowadays I’m already detoxed from sugar, so when I have an E meal now, I get to jump straight to the happy part! ?

Energy. They give me so much energy! And clarity. Brain fog disappears. Concentration returns. Focus. And did I mention Energy?? Lol.

Yes there’s hunger, but I’m learning to stop fearing that. At the same time, I also feel so much lighter and brighter and productive in spite of my belly not feeling full and satisfied. It’s pretty awesome really. Lol. However, if I focus on the hunger, gloominess and depression comes. But if I focus on the lighter and brighter I find a certain joy in it.

For these reasons, I try to eat an E meal once a day, and the happy side effect has been that it’s really brought on my weight loss. Something that only helps… well… everything! Breakfast and lunch E meals are great cuz I can plan more energetic activities to help me thru the hunger pangs, so I don’t notice them as much. Like cleaning the house or writing an article or other work that needs accomplished. Staying busy is key to enjoying E meals, I’ve found.

I specifically plan breakfast and lunch E meals every Saturday while we’re selling our wares at the Bartlesville Farmers Market. There’s so much activity, both mentally and physically, I find I have to take in more Energy (eat) every couple hours or I’m pooping out.

By eating E stuff (higher carb, low fat) and add in Fuel Pull snacks (low carb, low fat), I’m good all the way to the end. Which equals out to eating a little something every couple hours. Cottage cheese and pineapple, Wasa bread with laughing cow cheese, veggies and dip are my usual go-to’s.

I find I’m clear headed, thinking straight. No mud in the brain. (And with my stroke, my brain needs all the help it can get ?).

So, instead of running away from E meals, I’m learning to embrace them! Yes, I’m hungry not long after. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to push through it. But, it’s one of those things that’s worth toughing out. Really.

I don’t want to run away from them just because of my rumbly belly. That hunger is a good thing. A very good thing.

That hunger. though it feels negative, makes me feel good in other very positive ways, and it means I’m losing the weight. I can dwell in the negative …or live in the good stuff. My choice. E meals are a win win in my book! ?


***With all this said, if you’re diabetic, E meals can mess with some folks, so keep an eye on your glucose numbers and pay attention to your doc. My diabetes has healed enough that I can do what I do w E meals almost all the time (hafta be careful during ‘that’ time of the month), but I watch my numbers a lot. A lot. If they start creeping up too high then I return to more S meals and snacks that don’t raise the sugar levels too much.


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