Deodorant Oils and Body Powder

Yup. It’s that time of year again.
Body Odor.
B.O. (P.U.)
Last year, we introduced deodorant oils. (Read that article here). Non-toxic and imagechemical-free. Also non-irritating.  Some homemade deodorants can tend to cause a rash for some people especially if baking soda is an ingredient. I’m one of those lucky sensitive ones (yay me). I spent one whole summer itching, itching, itching miserably under my arms, not realizing it was the baking soda in the homemade deodorant I was experimenting with at the time that was the culprit.
Thus, it happened that our deodorant oils were borne, so something good did come out of it (scratch, scratch :p). The Deodorant Oils have Almond Oil in them which is very nourishing to the skin, then there’s Witch Hazel which tones the skin, as well as Essential Oils. They are an excellent way to get the medicinal value of the essential oils into your system.
I was using the Sage & Citrus for some time merely because I liked the smell (it’s one of my all-time faves) when I realized after a couple months that I wasn’t having near the trouble with PMS that I usually have. Well, it finally occurred to me that it was because the Clary Sage in the Deodorant Oil is helpful for hormone balance. So I found out the good way that it works! 🙂
So don’t sell these short medicinally or short on effectiveness either. You might have to apply these more than once in a day, especially if it’s hot and humid, but they’re small and quickly tuck into a purse or pocket, and are easy to be discreet in using them.
imageTo aid the B.O. cause we’ve come up with Essential Oil Body Powders (which is really only our Natural Baby Powder infused with different essential oils). Stay dry and comfortable in even the hottest and most humid weather by using our Body Powder applied over our Deodorant Oils. Packaged in small, convenient twist-top powder bottles.
Lavender: Floral; Calming and quieting; healing to the skin; good for acne; strengthens immune system
Lemongrass: Lemony; a natural anti-perspirant; enlivening and energetic yet calming; pain reducing and nerve tonic
Palmarosa: Floral; a cross between a Rose and a Geranium; helpful with depression and anxiety; helps balance moisture in the body; anti-aging
Sage & Citrus: Earthy with Citrus undertones; helpful to balance hormones and soothe PMS symptoms; soothing to the skin
Of course, you can start your morning B.O. routine with a matching bar of glycerine soap and a body spray of one scent or another to complement. Or, if you come to the Bartlesville Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, you can purchase a Jordan’s Crossing gift basket of assorted natural products, including bath and body stuff.
Thanks for listening! 🙂 Ttyl,
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