Defeating the ‘Rona

We know two people who have died from COVID-19. One was elderly, one was in his 40’s. One had co-morbidities (additional health problems), one did not appear to. We also know a family locally who contracted it. Parents were in their 40’s, kids were teens. They all survived thankfully. More and more we’re hearing of people we personally know coming down with it in varying age groups. All of them have recovered and more than a few of them had a fairly easy time of it. We’ve even heard of a 76 year old who had it, at the same time as having other serious risk factors present—and they recovered with virtually no problems.

This thing is here to stay. It’s in the air. Just like myriad other viruses. 🦠 And randomly, at some point, we will all likely come into contact with it. Maybe not this year, but in the next 5 years it’s extremely likely we will all be exposed to it.

So, are we going to wear masks for the next 5 years?? Even if you wear the good masks, you still have at least a 30% chance of catching it. If you’re wearing any other kind of mask, you have at least a 50-70% chance of catching it. And that’s if you wear it without touching it at all. 😷

Well then, maybe there’s a drug like Hydroxychloriquine or Remdesivir, 💊 but what if you’re one whom it doesn’t help? The latter is unproven and still experimental, and the former is much lauded or completely discouraged depending on your particular political persuasion. But there’s no arguing that there ARE reports of people catching the virus whom drugs don’t help cure it. Either way, drugs to heal things are going to always be hit and miss, cuz the same drug doesn’t always work the same for everyone.

So then, maybe there’s a vaccine (which is also in the works). 💉 But, you know, thousands get the flu vaccine each year and still get the flu. According to the CDC, you still have a 40% chance of getting the flu even after you get a flu shot. And that’s not mentioning all of the other negatives, including lack of proper testing and genetic modification, behind the proposed Cov19 vaccine.

So, like I said….. we’re all gonna face this virus one day. 🦠 So maybe it’s time to think on some things…..

This is a lung virus. So why in the world are you wearing a mask, and yet, still smoking like a smokestack? 🚬 This is a virus proven to effect obese people, so why are you stuffing your face with donuts and candy and chips and drinking all those fountain drinks every day? 🥤 This is a virus that effects people with diabetes and high blood pressure, even if they’re on meds. So why are you loading up on junk food, playing video games all the time, and never taking any time to exercise and stay in shape? 🍔 🍟

I know this goes without saying, but if you get the c19 it’s your Body that has to fight it. Our Bodies are what are going to have to fight it off. Our BODY being healthy is what helps us recover… not our face being covered. 😷 And no, I’m not saying to not wear a mask… I’m saying, depending on a face covering, or any other medical “science”, to help you defeat Covid19 is just plain.. well, incredibly naive.

We HAVE the keys to defeating it right in our hands already. 🔑 Taking care of our Body is huge. 🔑

And if we do get it, there’s a 98.7% (+/-) chance that we will NOT die from it. Ninety-eight point seven percent…..

Looking to God to help our Body do what He designed it to do—while doing the things that are needed to take care of said Body—would seem to suggest better chances of defeating the ‘Rona than other options.

Jus’ sayin’…… 🤷‍♀️

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