Christmas Ideas for $10ish

I really love it AND hate it when bloggers share their Christmas list ideas. I love it cuz it’s fun to read though it, but hate it too cuz it’s all way too expensive! I mean, seriously, that Wi-Fi radiation protector doo-hicky looks awesome and I know it’s healthier… but um, yea, $2000.  I don’t think so.

There’s a lot of other good stuff I’d love, but just can’t do that much dough. Let’s be real… my bracket is $10 or less! So here’s my list

Healthy stuff for $10ish:

(Being real… these are mostly Amazon links, cuz that’s where most of you shop, but honestly, I usually go to Amazon for the reviews and then search for and find it more cheaply on Ebay or (not always, but usually). I know. That’s probably not nice, but I’m miss el cheapo for realz).

Silicone Lids: Nifty little things. You don’t have to have bowl covers this way. You can lose, melt or break your plastic lids, but still have the ability to cover your dish. They work in the fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. Being silicone, they are healthier than plastic which is toxic. Find them here: Silicone Food Covers

Beeswax Food Wraps: These are a little over $10, but for the amount you get they are the most economic. Similar to the Silicone lids above, but truly “green” all the way. Eco-friendly and usable as bowl covers, food wraps, and snack pouches. I use mine to seal glass jars with our fresh veggies in them. We’ve been storing our lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cukes and other freshies in glass jars and–no kidding, they last twice as long in the fridge! With food costing so much nowadays, this has really helped the grocery bill. These are actually something I recently learned to make and hope to sell at some point, but until then you can find them here: Beeswax Food Wraps Found this one on Instagram earlier this year, and I love them! They basically take your phone pics and make little booklets out of them. They have options for under $10 and on up, depending on how many pics you want included. They keep a running tab as you add photos so you know where you are price-wise as you go. Our Grandkids (and everyone else too) adore looking at the little booklets. A very fun gift for great grand parents too! Find their site here:

Microwave Popcorn Popper: My husband adores popcorn, but microwave popcorn is super unhealthy, so he gave up on it–until we found this great little item! Seriously tastes almost like theater popcorn. Of course, it’s pretty small, and he has to put it through a couple times to get the amount he wants. It’s like regular micro popcorn too in that it doesn’t always pop up fully occasionally, but overall it does it’s job, and he is pleased with it. So if you have a popcorn lover, this could be for you! Glass Microwave Popper

2nd Hand Book Stores: I shop these on Ebay mostly, but Amazon has second-hand stuff. These are great for the grandkids and book lovers in general. Nothing like browsing and finding a title that sparks your interest. You can’t go wrong with a DK or Usborne title for the little ones, or a devotional or Max Lucado for great grandma! Many of them have buy 3 get 1 free. Books are always a part of our Christmas giving! Computers are well and good, but the world could do with getting back to books again.

Handmade gifts: I know people don’t do this much anymore, but if you can crochet, draw, bake, or have some other talent, consider making something for others. This is a great thing for children to do for gift-giving with each other. When our kids were little they often made their own craft projects for each other or adults for gifts. Another thing the world could do with more of.

So, that’s my list, for whatever it’s worth–which isn’t too much! But if you’re in a pinch this year, and needing to be more frugal, there ya go.

If you would like to support Jordan’s Crossing and its message, please consider buying some of our products. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers–and most are under $10 too!

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