Beating Toenail Fungus Naturally

Toenail fungus.

I know. Such a lovely subject. ?️

I first noticed several months ago that my toenail on my big toe had a yellowish tint to it and wasn’t hardly growing. I did a search on the internet for those symptoms and found some forbidding info.

For as long as I can remember, my dad has had thick, yellow-white, ugly fingernails and toenails. So when “Dr. Google” hinted that was the likelihood of my symptoms, I sorta panicked. I adore my dad, but ….

I did NOT want that! ?

So, I started researching various ways of getting rid of it. The gist of my finding was that sometimes toenail fungus is caused by gut issues. That was interesting to me because when I first noticed the initial yellowing of my toe was back during the time when I was having a lot of gut difficulties due to some bad drinking water issues.

Lots of painful and horrible gas attacks and “go” problems with back and forth constipation and diarrhea. Along with such problems I also had a gray coating on my tongue which is one telltale sign of gut flora imbalance. (Check out the links at the end of the article).

There were medical alternatives for getting rid of toenail fungus, but I opted for the safer and more natural method …. and found myself amazed really.

Essential oils were reported to be extremely good for fungus. Tea Tree oil was one and Lavender Oil was another.

So I started in by mixing the two. Now, I don’t recommend in most cases using essential oils without diluting them for safety reasons. But in this case because the fungus is so thick and crusty it’s necessary to use the oils neat (which means undiluted) so as to better penetrate the nail.

So I started faithfully using one drop of my tea tree/lavender mix every day. I put one drop on the nail, massaged it in, and rubbed any leftover on my shirt so as not to waste the aroma benefit. I did that ….for about two weeks…. and then as often happens, I started to forget.?

So very not-so-faithfully it was hit and miss (mostly miss) after that for a long while. And when the Tea Tree/Lav mix ran out I started using whatever oil was near when I thought of it. Sometimes that was Sweet Marjoram, sometimes Lemon, sometimes Copaiba, sometimes… who knows. ?‍ Like I said, just whatever happened to be easily in reach at the time.

(I know. This isn’t terribly scientific).?

But this amazing thing happened. Something I didn’t expect. You can see it in the photos. (Follow the arrows).

What I expected was that the fungus would get less and less, but what actually happened was that a new, normal, fungus-free nail started growing in underneath! It went from hardly growing at all to growing back normal.

And eventually, as you can tell from the photo, I was able to clip off all of the fungus as it grew out. Yes! ? No more hiding my toes and wearing footies with my sandals to hide the ugly thing. (I realize it still looks gross, but now that the fungus is gone, that’s workable again. Lol).

Essential Oils: 1

Ugly Toenails: 0

Here’s couple Links if you want to search further.

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