Are You Missing the “Old Normal” Too?

I know all about the “new normal”. But I can’t help it…I long for the old normal. You know, where if you’re sick it’s just a cold or a bit of the flu, where runs are runs and pukies are pukies and not every single thing “might be” corona. 😱 I long to be able to see people’s faces again. 😷 To see smiles and know they’re happy, and even see frowns and scowls and depression and be able to say a little prayer for them. To hug a friend in public without feeling condemning eyes burning a hole in my back.

I long to be able to hear folks again👂 and for them to hear me without our voices being muffled and having to say, “huh?” a million times. I long to be able to walk without a mask and not have people scolding me since a mask triggers my asthma and messes with my vertigo. I long for the days when the tension in the air wasn’t constant fear and confusion. 😐 I long for the days when the continuous conversation wasn’t about viruses, vaccines, masking, and hating on each other due to political views. 🦠 And the list goes on….

I long for the old days. The old normal. Go ahead. Hammer on me. “This is the new normal,” they tell us, “so suck it up and get over yourself.” But, tell the truth.. you have also felt a longing for the old normal to come back (even though, yes, it had its issues too). Don’t lie.

But…. yet… at the same time…

I know that’s looking backwards. This is how God is allowing it to be right now for his purposes. He’s dealing with all the things we don’t see. And I need to trust that. I give him thanks as his word says to do. Even over things I don’t like. And it helps.


We will get through this. It won’t last forever. And we will for sure get to a new normal beyond this “new normal”. An even better one, I believe. Patience is indeed a virtue. Endurance. Courage. Hope. These are all virtues too.

So amidst the mess, we talk louder, we wave more, we make our eyes crinkle and shine so people know there’s a smile under the fabric; we do what needs done cuz we have to—and we stay honest and genuine without dwelling in the past or giving into sulky, surly attitudes and grumping. God will see us through. He has cast us down, but he’ll put it all back together. He will make all things new in his time. And it’ll be good.

You’ll see…. chin up, Wilbur.

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