All Out War

When you look around, there’s two sides to everything nowadays. For whatever “truth” you put out there, there’s a “truth” on the other side to combat it. People are facing off in both directions and duking it out over things like political affiliations, masking or not-masking, truth and conspiracies, blacks and whites, etc.

In the meantime, there’s a whole ‘nother side to things that’s being consistently squelched, black-listed, and quietly hidden from view. The health side of things. Herbs, essential oils, alternative wellness therapies, etc. At all costs “the powers that be” don’t want you taking responsibility for your own health or to have access to information on natural possibilities for not needing their services, drugs, and vaccines.

This is nothing new. There’s always been a power struggle between the medical community and natural-minded folks—but it’s All-Out War on anything natural now. Censorship. Black-listing. Suppression. It’s imperative those “powers that be” silence the natural people. You can’t as easily indoctrinate the people who don’t need you and your drugs. Neither can you pull the strings of the people who aren’t afraid to stand up because they see what’s really happening.

Control is the name of the game. It’s always been the name of the game, but now more so than ever before.

Some of the bigger natural people report their websites acting up and going down, and when they move their site to a server outside the US, then everything works perfectly again. Most of them have been blocked from the popular social media platforms. JsCrossing is certainly not large, but there’s certain “fishy” things on Fb that have happened when I boosted the recent posts I’ve put on dealing with Covid and the immune system; and also spiritual things I’ve put on (which is a whole ‘nother line of oppression sure to come). They’re taking my money, but the numbers they’re reporting versus the numbers I’m seeing on the website seem kind whoppy-jawed, as my granny used to say.

Anyway, the point of this post is to give you some links below to some of the black-listed natural people we follow. Join their email lists. So much good, unpartisan info and tips for being and staying healthy.

Personally, I don’t see how to avoid it as it comes down the Pike. Everyone in this country is going to have to choose sides. And if you’re looking to the elections to save us, or ‘science’ of any sort, or churches, or people at all…. then you don’t have your eyes up high enough. God is the only one who can help this Earth right now. Which is the whole point of all of it…. time to get serious about connecting with him.

Dr. Joseph Mercola He’s been a go-to for us for many many years. Outstanding reports and helpful things on dealing with C19 and all things health.
Natural News Health Ranger, Mike Adams. Lots of health news.
The Silver Edge All things Colloidal Silver and the possibilities of healing with this old time antibiotic that works wonders on so many things.

The Truth about Cancer Ty and Charlene Bollinger. They lost several family to cancer and began to research alternatives to medical treatments and share the wealth of all they have found. Very about Freedom.
The Truth about Vaccines Same folks as above. Controversial, but needful info.

Natural Living Family The Essential Oil Family with Dr. Eric Zielinski. He’s been banned from FB for talking openly about C19 and the indiscrepancies seen in it all. Great info on oils and all things natural.

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