Air Conditioning in a Bottle


Iced Caramel Latte from the Indian Coffee Co. has been my companion for the last few Saturday mornings at the Bville Farmer’s Market. They’re a little coffee shop right near the market that we highly recommend! My other companion (other than Jeff) has been the little spray bottle next to my cup! It’s water and spearmint essential oil. We’ve dubbed it “Air Conditioning in a Bottle”, and I use it when it’s hot and/or humid and I’m outside. I just spritz it on my skin, and there’s this wonderful cooling effect that lasts for 10-15 minutes.

This spray is  excellent for use on sunburn. Great also to grab when a hot flash comes on. Try it for relief of athlete’s foot pain. It can also be used as breath spray or mouthwash. It can help with sore throat pain if sprayed in the back of the throat. It can help with gas pain if swallowed in small doses. Spray it over your face and head (eyes closed) if you have a headache. Use it for insomnia by spraying on your pillow. Spray it on effected area and massage when you have muscle cramps or charlie horses. Many uses for this little spray!

AC in a Bottle is restorative and has a relaxing and cooling effect on the brain, which helps to remove stress.

Anyway, come join us at the market. We’d love to see you. If it smells like Wrigley’s gum around our booth, you’ll know why! 😉




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