Afraid? Boost Your Immune System

Ok. So. It’s basically become illegal to offer natural cures for certain infectious viruses, so we won’t go there. But it IS perfectly legal to talk about ways to boost your immune system. In fact, not only is it legal…. it’s IMPERATIVE to talk about it in light of recent health developments in this country. I’m going to toss out a quote for you. Please read carefully.

There is one natural cure for Ebola that has already been proven to work about 50% of the time. It’s called the human immune system. Every person who has survived Ebola so far has been saved by it. It is, by definition, a legitimate “cure” for Ebola. – Global Research

Think about that. Boosting your immune system could be key to surviving certain scary infectious viruses. So the question that begs an answer is ‘How do I boost my immune system?’

Well, the first and perhaps most major way to boost your immune system is the one no one wants to hear: Change How You Eat.  Try to learn to like vegetables. Try to learn to like whole grains. Learn to cook at home from scratch. Ditch the junk-food. Dump the processed stuff. Stop drinking soda, especially diet. And start working on getting a grip on the sugar. Stop eating out by half, and when you do, make sure it’s good food and not just fast food. Do a search for “THM” or “Clean Eating“- there’s a MILLION ideas and recipes and helps! Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean boring. Nor do you have to live at the health food store to eat healthy. But yes, just being honest, it will take planning, effort, and work to eat well. However, your immune system will thank you tons.

The second major way to boost your immune system is to lower the chemical footprint in your daily life. Chemicals are everywhere from the makeup you wear to what you clean your toilet with to the carpet you walk on. Start being conscious of it and finding ways to eliminate or replace. Start small. Stay within your budget. Learn to make your own homemade versions of cleaners and beauty products. There’s diy home recipes all over the internet. If you don’t have time for that, then look up Jordan’s Crossing and others like us. There’s many folks making and selling natural items. Again, your immune system will thank you.

A third way to boost your immune system is with supplements. We’ve already talked about Echinacea Extract and Echinacea Tea here on our website. Echinacea is a very powerful herbal antibiotic and immune system balancer. Other natural immune boosters and anti-biotics would be raw garlic, garlic capsules, colloidal silver, and vitamin C and vitamin D3. There are also herbal essential oils which can effectively combat viruses and boost the immune response. Do some research on all of these things for yourself and your family. Your immune system will thank you on the day that any illness comes knocking.

You know, I’m not into fear-mongering, but certain scary infectious viruses are only 8 hours away from where my family lives. I’m sitting up and taking notice.

And I just feel l have to say this…. many people say they love Jesus. If that’s you, then dig down, get on your knees and HEAR your Master. Hearing Christ and following His directions is the answer for whatever future events come to pass, but it’s also the answer for NOW, today, whatever you’re facing. Just as many have weak physical immune systems, so is their spiritual immune system anemic and failing. Don’t try to fix things, or get stuck in feeling bad, just start ingesting HIM. Jesus Christ Himself is your food. Get healthy. Your spiritual immune system will thank you, and you and your family, through Him, will be ready to overcome whatever the world throws at you.


The purpose of Jordan’s Crossing Herbal Connections is to promote the sharing of information about healthy, natural products and dietary supplements. JCHC’s views and opinions are INFORMATIONAL ONLY and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured or pregnant, please consult a licensed health care professional.

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