Aches and Pains and Sniffles! Oh No!!

Sad to say, while I much love the cooler temps and beautiful colors that Autumn provides, it’s also the signal that Cold n’ Flu Season is just around the corner. And while we don’t have an opinion about what you should or shouldn’t do regarding getting the flu shot, we do offer some alternative ideas that we ourselves have found very effective over the years.
The first is Echinacea. Both Extract/Tincture and Tea. We wrote about Echinacea a year ago and you can read those articles here and here.
Echinacea is a very powerful herb! Nature’s herbal antibiotic. Just recently, I felt myself trying to come down with a cold (my husband always asks “why would you want to try and get a cold?” haha 😛 ) . Well, I started on Echinacea Extract every couple-three hours and within a day my symptoms had backed off. It works the best if you catch your illness before it gets well-involved, but even if not it will still shorten the illness if you take a dose every 2-3 hrs for a day or two.
COLD-VS-FLU-892x1024Then there’s Echinacea Tea.  Not as powerful as the tincture, but tastier, and still effective! 🙂 Works best as an infusion, which is simply a tea that’s allowed to steep for a much longer time. We put 2 ounces or so (1/4-1/3 cup) into a coffee filter and tie it with a twisty, then put it into a quart mason jar and fill it up with almost boiling water, cover it, and allow to steep for a couple hours or more. Then we sweeten it and drink it 3-4 times a day to keep the herb in our system at all times.
Colloidal Silver is another great alternative to have on hand during Cold n’ Flu season. Read more about it here.  It’s a natural antibiotic that’s not resistant to any strain of anything. It can be used for many different health issues, but is particularly effective on the flu or diarrhea. It’s especially good if you catch it before it’s well-involved, but will still help even in you’re farther along in the illness.
Then there’s our Cold ‘n Flu Essential oil sample.  We use this often if we’re going to be out in public when there’s a flu scare or if we’re around others who have colds. Best used applied to the feet where the pores are large and it can get into your system quickly.
Some other helps during Cold n’ Flu Season include Germaphobe’s Delight Spray.  Which is basically our natural version of Germ-x. Our daughter-in-law likes to have this on hand when her toddlers get a cold or the flu. I like to carry it in my purse to have on hand for use in public during cold n’ flu season.
Then there’s Breathe Vapor-Aide Salve  for when stuffed noses are a problem. Another item that works great on the feet. Just apply and put socks on.
And last but not least, Vita-C tea.  An extremely yummy means of getting Vitamin C into your immune system. It can definitely lessen the duration and symptoms of a common cold, and isn’t as hard on stomach acidity as a vitamin C capsule might be.
Well, here’s to hoping for a smooth Cold n’ Flu season for your family. 🙂
Come visit us at the Bville Farmer’s Market tomorrow and be sure to stock up. The Market will be open this Saturday (10-3-15) and next Saturday (10-10-15) and then will be closed for the season until next May.
If you can’t make it on one of those days, or if you need something through the winter, feel free to order online. If you’re local, you can pick it up and save the shipping!
In the meantime, be sure to enjoy your Autumn! <3

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