A little humility…

I got a dose of humility the other day. Sometimes you get into a line of thinking that serves you and your world, and you tend to look down on others in their different world. Self-righteousness comes in many forms, and there’s a lot of that in the All-natural and Organic food and health culture. Now, you might think the natural and organic people look down on the non-natural and non-organic people, and that’s true, but for me, to be straight up honest, my tendency was to look down on the natural and organic people because they were self-righteous and I wasn’t. Well, I kinda got a little wake up call in some recent circumstances.

I’ve been having some health issues just in the last couple of weeks. Numbness in my face, both arms, and left ankle and foot. Don’t worry, stroke has been ruled out. There’s been no pain at all with it. Just pins and needles that come and go. I’m slower and it’s frustrating at times, but basically, I can still function with it, and I’ve seen improvement in the symptoms over the last couple days. But my fear has been that maybe this is the onset of an auto-immune condition like MS or Reumatoid Arthritis setting in. Hence comes the humility.


Cuz many of the All-natural and Organic folks have had real and debilitating conditions. Beyond even auto-immune things; stuff like fibromyalgia, candida overgrowth, chronic fatigue, and so many “mystery illnesses” can affect daily life in tormenting ways. Many of the All-natural and Organic folks have helped and/or healed their illnesses by all-natural and organic means, and they maintain their health that way too. Again, hence comes the humility… who am I to look down on them, especially as I might be facing the same thing? Maybe they deserve to be a little self-righteous in getting the word out on what worked to heal them.

Our American diet and lifestyle is the source of so many of our health problems, and the truth is, the medical establisment only often has answers up to a point. Changing our food. Changing how we live. Changing how we look at things. Can change our health.

I know this is a little different from what I usually post. But hey….just getting real. For me, as a follower of Christ, I know that God has my times in His hand. If He wants to take me today, I’m at peace with that. If He wants to give me a little more humility, and allow a thorn in my flesh, then I know Jesus lives in me and He’ll give me grace, cuz He’s awesome like that. : ) Either way, self-righteousness in all its forms has to go.veggiesmkt

Maybe we’ll see you at the Bville Market tomorrow. We got rained out last Saturday, but are planning to be there this week. It’s supposed to be cool and wonderful, and it’ll be sooooo nice! : )

For those of you who are too far to come to Oklahoma, we’ve been working on an internet store. We hope to have it up and running by the end of September. Blessings to all!

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