A Dose of Brave

We used to know.

We’ve been told that anxiety and stress and emotional strain, depression and pain or discomfort of any kind is something to be avoided at all costs. We’ve been taught to think that no one understands how horrible those feelings are. We’ve been taught that we’re abnormal if we feel anxiety, sadness, or depression. 

Yet, how can something be “abnormal” that is common to everyone? 

I’m not saying that such feelings and experiences are easy, but we used to know….

…that this IS normal.

For every. single. human. being. 

We used to know that such things are a part of life.

We used to know that falling apart happens, and you keep going and you get past it.

We used to know.

Social anxiety, anxiety in general, stress, emotional strain, depression, discomfort, suffering, grief, disability—are normal parts of the human identity.

It’s the way God has wired us. It’s the way the world is wired. 

No one is special. And no one is exempt.

Jesus said it:

“In the world you have tribulation.”

He wasn’t talking about some scenario at the end of the world. He was talking about everyday life. We have ups… and we have downs. Downs are meant to turn us TO God, but instead we’ve embraced them and made them our identity and turned how we feel into our god.

We worship our self rather than God, and that’s the mistake of it.

We give place to how we feel and what we think MORE than we give place to what God says.

That was Eve’s error. Right? Listening to another voice besides the Lord’s.

Anxiousness, and any other mental/emotional debility, isn’t wrong unless you set it on a mantle and bow down to it and follow it instead of God.

We’ve defined and diagnosed these things, even worshiped them, up one side and down the other. We have made them “diseases” that we need to “medicate”, and we poo-poo each other and baby ourselves and lock one another into the whole cycle of it by doing so. All our focus on it boxes us in so much that we can’t move. And it’s a big box of self-pity and self-focus. 

We don’t mean to. I’m not saying we know we’re doing this. I’m sincerely not trying to be harsh. I have compassion for those struggling. I really do. All I’m saying is.. we used to know these things were normal. And instead of giving ourselves a dose of meds or weed, we need to give ourselves a dose of Brave.

Jesus said we’d have tribulation in this world. But he also said to “take courage” because he was victorious over said world. That means he is victorious over anxiety, fear, grief, and depression. If we will seek that out, if we will seek his help, he will help. And show us how to live free from our pain. 

It’s that simple.

please do not take this to construe “medical” advice. If you need mental or emotional help please think on seeing a counselor, pastor, or medical doctor. If you would like to support JsCrossing and it’s message please consider buying some of our products. ———>

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