A Call to Honesty

Our eating isn’t about food
It’s about money, marketing and lust.
Before I get any farther into this, let me say, I’m speaking about myself here. I was in ‘the trap’. Almost 300 pounds of it at my heaviest.
I fell for it all.
Drinking Pepsi cuz it was cool.
Then Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew cuz, you know.. commercials.
Mickey Ds when I was younger.
Burger King back in the day.
The Colonel.
A&W and root beer floats.
Cupcakes & cookies cuz they were pretty.
Cakes cuz they were beautiful.
The new restaurant that pops up in an ad that ‘seems’ soooo yummy.
Name brand while I could afford it, later on when I couldn’t, generics cuz I was addicted by then.
The candy bar that the young skinny person is eating on tv for “energy”.
Sugar sugar sugar.
Sugar is a drug.
And we’re addicted.
Junk food is a drug.
And we’re addicted.
Tv and ads are a drug and we’re addicted.
Video games and apps are a drug and we’re addicted.
And now, with weed within reach almost everywhere we’re addicted to that as well.
For the sake of our anxiety, of course.
Not saying there no medicinal use there,
But get Honest please.
We are addicts.
And we think it’s normal.
We’re told it’s normal.
And we believe it, but
We’re being duped by rich people, and THEY are getting richer off our lusts and addictions.
And we think it’s normal….
We have no clue what it is to be healthy because we’ve never been healthy.
We don’t even care if we are healthy.
Health doesn’t matter to us
As long as we have our “comforts” to keep stuffing down our gullets.
We just keep riding the merry go round and playing their game.
Well, its time to quit.
It’s all a lie.
I mean, it’s ALL a lie.
And we have or are passing that lie onto our children.
We don’t even know what’s real anymore.
Nor do we care.
As long as we can feed our addictions.
That’s all that matters to us.
Jesus help us.
He’s the only one who can.

(Please don’t read this as condemnation. How do I look down on others who are mirror images of myself? But, boy, how I long to see others get free from the whole mess, and to keep progressing in honesty myself).

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3 thoughts on “A Call to Honesty

  1. Kathryn Hiemstra Reply

    This is the best article I have read about addictions. We have too many choices. The same as guns and drugs! Help us Lord to live closer to you everyday all day!

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