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September 27, 2019

Surprise Surprise again! Twice in one month. That originally, way back when, was my intention for Healthy Healing Digest to be published. But Life has a way of inserting itself into our plans. Lol. No guarantees that it'll happen on a regular basis, but for this month it did. I wasn't sure how to tag it. September-and-a-Half Newsletter just seemed too long. So did End-of-September Newsletter. So, I just stuck (2nd) at the end and called it good. At any rate... Hope you enjoy... :)

Beautiful and Lovely Essential Oil Perfumes

Essential Oil Perfumes www.jordanscrossing.net
Back in my teens and young adult years (eons ago) I always enjoyed spraying on some perfume and cologne, but for whatever reason (the chemicals mixing with my hormones, I think), my body chemistry just didn’t jive with it. As soon as I started sweating, the scent would change and I’d end up smelling worse than a skunk. So for …
Categories: Essential Oils, Perfume

Some of Our Fave THM Recipes

Some of Our Fave THM Recipes
Been going through the JsCrossing Pinterest boards lately to find new ideas for supper. Actually, old ideas that I've forgotten about. Re-"new" inspiration, I guess. Lol. Some of these are "official" THM Recipes, but one's that I've adapted. Thought I'd share a few with you..... Dinners https://www.food.com/recipe/chinese-buffet-crab-casserole-271945 Crab casserole. This has always been one of my fave dishes at the …
Categories: Healthy Food, Recipes, Trim Healthy Mama
Haven't shared this in a while and since there's lots of newbies to the Digest, it seems time....

Meet Us

Hello there, 😊 Welcome to Jordan's Crossing, a small family business with a heart to help others. If you're into nutritious food, less chemicals, and natural possibilities for overcoming what ails you and your family, you'll feel very much at home with us. We're a community of folks who are looking to feel better, think better, and eat better without …

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