Healthy Healing Digest
Volume 1, Issue 3
October 26, 2017

I've been thinking on the name of this newsletter. Healthy Healing Digest. I literally picked it out of the air. I think it's very appropriate though the more I think on it. There's a healthy way to heal and not so healthy ways to heal.

Now before I get anyone's dander up.. Yes, we do believe doctors and the medical establishment has its place. When I had my stroke, the hospital and doctors were invaluable for making sure I stayed in the land of the living and taught me how to cope with my new disabilities.

But for all that they took good care of me, the hospital wasn't necessarily the healthiest place to be healing. Why? Well, several thoughts. 1. The food that they served. 2. The drugs and their side effects. 3. The mentality of treating the symptoms and not the whole person. 4. The Fear they engendered.
  1. Now, the nature of a hospital being what it is, and the enormous amount of people to feed, they can't exactly afford high dollar food. White sugar, white bread, the cheapest of the cheap. But how much better it would be for the patients to have greater access to more fresh fruits and veggies and healthier grains and low-carb kinds of meals. Food is truly medicine. It's the healthiest healing you can do for your body. And
    what we put into our bodies, our bodies respond in like manner. Like the old saying: garbage in, garbage out.

    2. Drugs have their place. I'm not trying to say not. But they're made with lots of synthetics and chemicals. Our bodies are overloaded with chemicals
nowadays. Many of us are on toxic overload. And it's showing up in our health and making it harder for us to heal properly.

3. The medical establishment treats the symptoms often instead of looking at the core problem. Which a lot of times is the food and chemicals in our lives at the center. Now, if you're like us, your medical insurance doesn't pay for holistic or natural doctors. So then, be informed. Don't just go with the flow. Be your own person. Demand a higher standard of care. There are medical docs out there who do have true healing in mind for their patients. I was blessed with a doc like that after my stroke. Pray about it first, then search til you find one.

4. Lastly, (and I could make this number 1 easily) the medical establishment feeds on fear and doles it out to their advantage. Take this drug if you don't want to have x,y,z happen to you. I had to really really fight that mentality when I was in the hospital.

Our minds have SO much to do with our getting better. We are as we think. God said it first: "As a man thinks in his heart so he is." So if medical people are constantly bombarding with fear and the what-ifs of this or that condition, symptom, and horrible thing, then our minds will grab onto it and our body will follow suit and make it happen.

Don't let a diagnosis or condition define you. Walk above it in your mind (looking to God as the one in charge and trusting that) and you'll have an easier time healing.

Hope y'all have had a good couple-three weeks! Love ya, mary ☺
So far I've put on side-by-sides of me from 3 or so years ago when I was at my heaviest as compared to now. This newsletter's side-by-side is just since I started THM. I'm pleased that there's such a difference in just 20 lbs.

I did make it to my first goal. (Yay me!) 😃 The flu bug helped me along with that, but hey, I'll take it. (At least having the flu was good for something ). Now only 29 more pounds to go to my next final goal.

Another THM drink that I tend to do a lot is called Good Girl Moonshine. There's lots and lots of variations. My favorite is Cider Pop. (You can find the recipe here). I like to use the flavored, carbonated & unsweetened waters available nowadays. La Croix has many dif flavors and is often available at Aldis. I've made GGMS from tea as well which is pretty awesome. My fave is Caramel Apple Dream flavored tea which you can find at Walmart.
Made it! Whoo Hoo!!

Weight Loss Journey: TRIM HEALTHY MAMA

I also confess, I like it just straight too. Not like straight vinegar but a couple tablespoons of ACV in a quart of water with some salt and my Sweet Blend. It's a unique flavor that has grown on me. On very hot days, it works better than Gatorade for quenching the thirst and replacing lost electrolytes.

Apple Cider Vinegar is SO good for you in so many directions. I buy this brand at Walmart. It helps acid reflux, boosts immunity, can lower blood pressure, and can improve diabetes, etc. And when you're sick it hydrates you and shifts the pH in your body to kick the little germies out. What makes it so powerful? The acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics and enzymes in it.

As it relates to Trim Healthy Mama it's an old standby for losing weight. Drinking it regularly helps you shed the pounds. With its many health benefits, it's a win win all around. Shrink sizes while you get healthier.

Have questions? You can check out Trim Healthy Mama's FAQ here or feel free to email me at jordanscrossingherbs@gmail.com

Product Spotlight:

Gas Relief

Toots & Windys Blend www.jordanscrossing.net
Introducing our latest essential oil blend: ( drumroll ) "Toots and Windys". As you might guess from the name it's all about gas relief. Lol.

It actually came about from studying Sweet Orange Essential oil for this newsletter. I hadn't realized orange oil was good for gas. So in the few days before the flu bug took hold on me, I was experiencing a lot of digestive upset and having troubles with not expelling gas. Very painful, as I'm sure you could guess.

So (sitting there, reading, feeling uncomfortable and bloated, blech) as
soon as I happened onto the information, I went and blended a little sweet orange with peppermint oil and voilà! It worked really quick and really well. It didn't keep me from eventually getting sick, but did get me past some bumpy rough stuff. (Burp, burp, toot, toot. ;) )

Since peppermint and sweet orange are both safe for internal use, I would put just ONE drop on my finger and VERY carefully put it on my tongue. Trust me. Peppermint is Hot! You don't want to touch your lips in any small way, and if you do you'll regret it. I used it freely as I needed it. Sometimes more often. Sometimes less.

I hope you'll never need it, but it's one of those oils that great to keep on hand for "just in case". (Oh, and you can thank my grandkids and my aunt for the name ).

If you're local you can get your own Toots and Windys Blend from us at the Bartlesville Artisan Market in Washington Park Mall on Saturdays from 9-3. You'll find us right next to Billy Sims.

Or you can order online. This one, as with most of our oils are $5 for 5ml or $12.50 for 15ml.

Herbal Friends: Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Oil www.jordanscrossing.net
Ok, so oranges aren't technically herbs, but since the oil is used medicinally, we'll treat it as such. I'm a great believer in learning to use simple, every day oils to treat our needs. And you can't get more "every day" than Sweet Orange Oil.

As I say a lot, we all have certain herbs that work really well with our particular system, and this is one of mine. I use this TONS. It's more than affordable. It's effective. And works for all sorts of things. It's just not "glamorous" like other more important-sounding herbs.

My first experiment with Sweet Orange Oil was as a stress buster. I first used it on an evening when our teens were having some friends over to play games. One young man in particular kept commenting that he smelled oranges somewhere and then would sniff the air. It was so cute, it was hard not to laugh out loud. I never did enlighten him.

My second experiment was at the dentists office. I mixed Sweet Orange with Lavender Oil. I had a flutter of hygienists around me wanting to know what that awesome scent was. Can't say the dentist was fun, but it really did help keep me calm through a couple hours of fillings. That's when Stress Relief Blend was borne.

Though relieving stress is what I love it for the most, Sweet Orange has several other applications as well. Its sedative, stress-reducing effect lessens anxiety, anger, and depression. That's why we use it in our Sleep Blend, Hormone-Anxiety Blend, Angry Bird Blend, and Contentment Blend.

It's also an awesome cleanser oil! Naturally anti-bacterial. It kills more than 22 types of bacteria and micro-organisms, including inhibiting salmonella and E. coli. We've used our Citrus Spray all around our kitchen for cleaning counters and cutting boards, etc. This is also the reason we use it in our Citrus-Vanilla deodorant cuz it kills the germs that cause the stink. And also why it's in our Germaphobe's Delight Spray for when you're sick.

It's great for digestive issues like gas and bloating. It helps you to pass "toots" as my grandkids call it, and keeps gas from forming in the digestive tract. Which is what our Toots and Windys Blend is all about. Lol.

It's also said to boost immunity, fight cancer tumors, increase circulation, decrease hypertension; it's good for the complexion by fighting acne and helping keep wrinkles at bay, and good for the skin in general.

Lots of great stuff for an unglamorous, every day oil.

Only one negative to keep in mind... Citrus oils can increase the effects of UV light exposure on the skin for up to 12 hours after applying. So, to keep yourself from burning, it's wise to not use it on exposed skin if you'll be in the sun.

If you'd like to order Sweet Orange Oil from us, here's the link:

Spiritual Ponderings: Rotten Eggs in Our Hearts

I mentioned something on Facebook, the other day about Trim Healthy Mama podcast #38 called "Toxic Marriage Equals Toxic Health". This podcast is still working itself into my heart. You can find the link HERE. It has such great thoughts on how we treat others and how that effects our health. It's mainly talking about marriage, but can definitely apply to many kinds of relationships.

We're not just physical beings. We have a body, yes, but also a soul and a spirit. And it's all interconnected.

If you've ever had farm fresh eggs and come across a rotten egg, you have a perfect picture of this interconnection. An egg has three parts. If there's rottenness at the core, that migrates outward. The shell may be intact, but it'll turn dark and will get thinner and more brittle.
Eventually it will start to smell. And if it cracks and gets everywhere you're in a world of big time ICK and YUCK. :-O

That's us as well. You can't have continual bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, resentment or any other dark feelings and the thoughts that come from that without it effecting your physical health. Fear, stress, anxiety, stinginess, jealousy, lack of love, envy, and the list could go on.

You can't live in dark places inside your mind and think it's not going to show up in your physical body at some point. Neither can you go around venting anger and negativity to others just cuz it makes you feel better. You're fooling yourself if you think that's going to truly help you or others.

You know... and I know not everyone agrees with this, but.. Jesus came to be the Light in our darkness. He came to be the Truth that can set us free. He came to be the voice of sanity in our crazy world, especially the world within us. If we stay in that world of Self-focus we land in unhealthiness and dis-ease. But when we accept the Cross, and let him operate on those things in us, we find that he's an awesome Physician, gentle and kind, that can do perfect, precision surgery and cure the vilest of rotten eggs in our hearts.
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