Hey again! Got a new, healthy, easy-peasy recipe to share with you this time. As well as a few recents and a rerun from our early days. And! We're gearing up for the start of the Bartlesville Farmers Market. We'll be live there on Saturday mornings starting May 4th. Come and enjoy the Market with us! Happy Health, everyone,

A Flaming Sword of Love

Recently, I found myself thanking the Lord for the Flaming Sword. You know... the one that guards the way to Eden and the tree of Life in Genesis 3. When Adam sinned and was kicked out, God put a Flaming Sword at the entrance to the garden so that Adam couldn’t just go in and eat from the tree of …
Author: Mary
Categories: spiritual, Thoughts and stuff
Originally published in Sept 2015. We have different containers now, but the same great lip balm!

Love Me Some Lip Balm :)

Okay... I'm not just sayin' this to sell something.. but I LOVE our lip balm! I truly mean that. If I weren't already buying it from Jordan's Crossing, I'd be making it for myself anyway! It's just the right consistency. Not too goopy, not too dry or pasty. Stays on your lips for some time. Leaves a nice shine. Perfectly …
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