Healthy Healing Digest
Volume 1, Issue 2
October 5, 2017

We haven't gotten rid of all chemicals in our home, but a majority. Including laundry detergent. We make our own out of borax and washing soda and water. We've used it for about 4 years now. Well, our clothes recently started looking grayish to me, so I thought I'd be smart and get something to brighten them up. I'm not opposed to using things with chemicals now and again, just not on a regular basis. But I may reconsider my stand there!

This intense, horrible itching started after about the second or third time of washing them in [very popular unnamed product]. Of course, the worst of it was in the area of my underwear and bra that were directly against my skin. (NOT TOO KOSHER to be scratching your personal parts (ahem) in front of customers. Lol)

You know, chemicals can seem to do good in many ways, but we don't realize how much they effect us. Our bodies are used to them, and so we think we don't notice their effects. But when we stop using them, and then go back, I'm re-realizing just how much more readily we can see their negative impact.

Think on something. Why is there so
much more illness nowadays? So many more allergies, insulin resistance, depression, muscular diseases, headaches, etc??

It wasn't this bad even 20 years ago, and many of these things didn't exist at all 50 years ago. So very many auto-immune diseases have surfaced as well as other troublesome conditions. It's my personal belief that these things have come, in large part, from the synthetics in commercial products that we use. And how about all the meds they list on tv with their side effects? That's because they're all chemicals.

Anyway, scratch, scratch, scratching has been my last couple of weeks. It's gotten some better now that all the clothing has been re-washed and washed again.

When the itching was terribly intense, I looked up essential oils that are good for itching. I found that palmarosa and geranium both have anti-itch properties, so I made a small vial of them mixed with almond oil. Sure enough, it stopped the itching! So, I made a roll-on deodorant oil out of them. (Not everyone can say their deodorant is an anti-itch creme 😉). So, while the worst of it is past, you might still see me scratching a stray itch now and again, but I will SMELL GOOD while doing so. 😀 Lol!
I'm almost there! I just weighed and I'm just under 2 lbs away from my first weight goal! Not really sure why I don't wanna share the number. But hey. It's just a number. My goal is 180. My first goal, that is.

I've not weighed that little since college. Except for the somewhat negative impact of being considered a "big" girl (though not by any means fat by nowadays standards) I was comfortable at that weight. But time being what it is, and getting older with health declines, my full goal now is 150 which is in the average-ish end of normal for my 5'7" height.

I want to talk a bit this time about some of the drinks that are a part of Trim Healthy Mama and have been a big help to my losing weight.

My favorite and most sipped sipper is far and away The Shrinker. Made with Oolong Tea, Cinnamon, Almond Milk (I prefer Cashew milk), sweetner, flavor extracts, and Cayenne Pepper.
I can wear it again!

My Weightloss Journey: TRIM HEALTHY MAMA

Yes, you read that right: cayenne pepper.

I was skeptical at first, but I totally LOVE it! The cayenne does add a kick. There've been a few times that I wasn't paying attention and got too much (talk about fire-breathing dragons and smokin' from your ears!), but for the most part, if I pay attention, and only add a little, it's perfectly perfect.

I usually add extra sweetener to spicy hot stuff, and The Shrinker is no exception. Sweet and hot with lots of ice makes it oh so savory somehow. (On the other hand, it's really great hot too and I often have it instead of coffee in the mornings). Since I'm allergic to Stevia and can't use Truvia or Pyure I use my homemade (sugar-free) sugar blend.

I especially love this when I'm feeling a little sick. Feels hot, but healing on a scratchy sore throat. The same for earaches and upset tummies.

Having something to drink between meals keeps my mouth occupied without having to stuff it all the time with food and it cuts cravings. And having it extra sweet (with sugarless sugar) satisfies my sweet tooth without rotting all my teeth and spiking my sugar.

And Score!! Oolong Tea helps you lose weight. It reportedly burns 64 calories per tea bag. Cinnamon helps to stabilize blood sugar. Cayenne gives you more energy than you know what to do with and is awesome for your heart and blood pressure to boot.

Check out the links in this article for the recipe and where to buy Oolong Tea bags.

Have questions? You can check out Trim Healthy Mama's FAQ here or feel free to email me at jordanscrossingherbs@gmail.com

Product Spotlight:


This isn't one of our products this time, but one I'd still recommend. I posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago that I was biting the bullet and letting my gray grow out. It just seemed time. (I'm going to soon be 54 years old. Gotta grow up some time :) ). Redheads are a vain lot, and I've been coloring my dark red hair for 8 years. I never really branched out much from my original color, but I do kinda like some of the tastefully done hair colors of today.

Anyway, commercial hair dye is loaded
with chemicals. So for the first few years I used a product called NaturTint. Which isn't totally chemical-less, but better than commercial coloring. However for the last couple of years I started using all natural henna from a company called Light Mountain. It was great and I loved their auburn color.

It was a bit more of a process than the Nature-Tint, but worth it because it was completely chemical free. I watched YouTube videos and read Amazon reviews just to get a feel for it. After a couple applications, I began to get the learning curve down, and figured out how to streamline things so that it only took about 40 minutes to let it sit and gel on my hair. Which isn't too bad. Only about 15-20 min more than NaturTint.

So anyway, if you color your own hair and are concerned about the chemicals these are a couple Less-Chem and Chem-Free options that could work well for you.

You might be able to find these locally at Walmart or Walgreen's, or you can order both from Vitacost.com.

Herbal Friends: Patchouli

Not long ago, I was in the local Dollar General, and the clerk practically accosted me, wanting to know if I was wearing Patchouli scent. She loved it. I did happen to have our patchouli sunscreen on at the time, and so we had a nice little conversation about it. Lol.

Since then, I've been wanting to study patchouli a bit closer. In looking at the plant itself, it's the young leaves that bear the boldly musky scent. It was and is used a lot of times as an aphrodisiac. (No doubt that's why it was so popular with the hippie movement back in the 60's and 70's). But mostly the essential oils are extracted from the leaves and therein lies it's most potent medicinal uses.

It's excellent for treating skin disorders such as acne, eczema, dandruff, and for healing scar tissue and cracked skin (such as dry heels). It can protect from sunburn as well, and has cell-renewing anti-aging properties.

It's been found helpful in treating nervousness, depression, anxiety, anger and stress in general. A potent herb for children with autism issues and ADD as it impacts the hormones and encourages

the release of serotonin (happy feelings).

It's anti-fungal making it useful for athletes foot, and has the ability to help reduce a fever. It boosts the immune system and can help fight infections, pain, and inflammation. It's also a great hormone herb for such feminine things as water retention, PMS, and combating cellulite.

We have several products that use patchouli oil. Angry Bird Blend is a combo of sweet orange oil and patchouli. Helpful for calming autistic children in particular, and those who have a hard time with anger issues. It won't cure the anger problem, but can help calm in the moment.

Then there's our Pain & Tension Blend. A combo of patchouli, wintergreen, clove, pine, and castor oils. Deeply warming for muscle tension, and he patchouli reduces immediate pain and can help heal if used faithfully every day.

Then we also have patchouli sunscreen. Patchouli has a natural SPF of 20, so it's perfect for adding to our coconut oil sunscreen formula. And then there's our natural patchouli deodorant. An excellent way to get patchouli into your system daily! You'll find yourself calmer and more balanced over time. Not to mention, you'll smell good!

And then maybe you'll get accosted by a nice clerk in a store somewhere! Lol.

Spiritual Ponderings: Staying in the Positive

I proved the above saying the other night. I have this pic as my wallpaper on my iPad. We were having church (we home church) and it was my job to teach the children. I wasn't feeling particularly well, and on top of that, another unexpected thing had come up that upset me.

Now, usually, I'd go sinking into "oh woe is me" mode. And wind up in anger and frustration and go under the emotions. But the Lord's been talking to me about staying in the positive, and not giving in to the negative so much.

The negative comes from fear and over-thinking and over-feeling. ..and yes, more Fear. The positive comes from deliberate faith and looking to and reaching out. And standing there.

So as the emotions were crowding in, I looked down at my iPad and saw this picture. And in that moment, I told myself "no". Told myself I wasn't going to view

the thing from the negative, but I was going to believe God. I was going to look to him, step back from the fear and emotions, and be quiet and steady, and have faith. End of discussion.

The situations didn't change, but I did. It changed ME. I looked to GOD, and chose trust mode. And he answered inside ME. I was happy and free from despair and gloom and depression in my heart the rest of the night. And still am. And I got to avoid the dark places and praise him in the end.

We walk by faith, not by sight..... and not by feelings and thinkings and analysing.

Easier said than done, you say? Granted. But there are a lot of difficult things that are worth the effort. And Faith, and staying in the positive, is one of those things.

It IS possible that God can change the person who's hurting me. It IS possible that I can accomplish the things I think I can't do. And so many other things. It IS possible that my finances will get better. It IS possible that I can lose weight. It IS possible that I can heal my diabetes and high blood pressure. And every other thing that's weighing down my heart.

But what if he doesn't? ..I don't know. I honestly don't. And thankfully, that's not my area to worry about. Jesus says my area of working on things is to believe.

With man, Jesus said, life's negative and impossible, but with God, and positive faith in him, EVERYTHING is possible.
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