The trees are all budding out and the grass is greening up. It’s gonna be time to mow soon. When Spring finally decides to spring, it’s amazing and happens almost overnight! Got a new post up to share with you. It’s about a delicious drink that will taste so good in the heat and help you to burn some calories in the process. You’re gonna love it! A couple rerun posts too. Happy Health, everyone,

Shrinky-Dink Me

"The Shrinker" (a.k.a. Shrinky-Dink) has become one of my all-time favorite drinks. It's one of the yummy refreshments that are a part of Trim Healthy Mama and have been a big help to my losing weight. The Shrinker (<-- catch the recipe at this link or down below>
Author: Mary
Categories: diabetes, Food, Trim Healthy Mama, Weight loss

Beating Toenail Fungus Naturally

Toenail fungus. I know. Such a lovely subject. 😜️ I first noticed several months ago that my toenail on my big toe had a yellowish tint to it and wasn’t hardly growing. I did a search on the internet for those symptoms and found some forbidding info. For as long as I can remember, my dad has had thick, yellow-white, …
Author: Mary
Categories: Essential Oils, Health Issues

Is Your Soap Really Soap?

Is the soap you’re using really soap? I was walking through the soap aisle at Walmart the other day. I was there to get shampoo and hand soap for a craft project. Of course, I was looking for the cheapest stuff possible. So many pretty colors and scents! And there was some really cheap stuff. Which was great for the …
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