Healthy Healing Digest
Volume 2, Issue 25
February 12, 2019
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It's the month of LOVE! There's alot of Love stuff in this edition. Food to love, Hormones, Tea to help hormones, and loving your circumstances.

I was talking to someone recently and we were discussing how "love" is kind of an abstract word. It can mean alot of different vague kinds of things.

We spoke of how love's not a feeling. It's an action and a commitment.

I've been thinking about that action in terms of touch lately. Physical touch. And how important being touched really is. How important touching others really is. How it makes them feel good. How it makes them feel loved.

(And I suspect you know it, but I have to say it: I'm not suggesting anything sexual here at all).

I've been thinking about that action in terms of touch lately. Physical touch. And how important being touched really is. How important touching others really is. How it makes them feel good. How it makes them feel loved.

I remember when my kids were teenagers and I would give them a side hug out of the blue, or pat them on the back as I walked by or even just touched their shoulder, the "feel" around them just shifted. It was like they blossomed or something. You could feel that it made them feel good. Feel loved. Happy. Secure.

It made me feel that way too.💓

So, I've been more purposely making sure to touch those people around me. Grandkids, kids, hubs, friends. Even if it's just something super small. And if they're not near me, touching them with a text, a phone call, or a message.

Happy Valentine's Everyone,
love ya, mary

My Health Journey: TRIM HEALTHY MAMA

Sugar free jam from frozen fruit.

This is my new favorite thing to make! It’s essentially an all-fruit spread.

Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are gimme’s on the thm plan. So strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and mixed berry are the options here. Easy to find bags of each in the frozen section at the grocery. (We sometimes get organic options from Aldi’s if the budget allows).

You can essentially add any of these to a meal without it impacting the calories or your fuel separation. I like to use it often so that I’m getting a bit of carbs throughout the day, which is extra helpful energy.

It’s awesome on top of chocolate waffles, peanut butter and jelly roll ups (using sprouted tortillas), I like it on top of my chocolate peanut butter for a dessert. Lots of uses all around.
And so simple to make. Just empty a bag of your choice of berries into a large Pyrex bowl. Add a pinch or two of salt and a couple tablespoons of Pyure, or your sweetener of choice, or none at all even. You can add the sweet at the end and adjust it to taste the sweetness you want (I like it pretty sweet).

I then cover it with waxed paper, and nuke it in the microwave for 9 minutes on 7 (10 being the highest). Stir in the middle. However, take it from my experience— watch it when it gets toward the end or it will boil over!

After it’s done, take a potato masher to it and shmoosh it all up til it’s the consistently you like. If you want it smooth, run it through a food processor or blender (I usually don’t mess with it).

And there you have it. It’s more or less stewed fruit. It thickened to jam consistency in the fridge. Very easy. Very yum.
Wanna talk about your dieting difficulties or THM? Feel free to email me at jordanscrossingherbs@gmail.com

Hormones,the Human Design


I will be 55 in a few days. And I’ve been dealing with menopause. To try to understand and help with some of the wonkiness I’ve been feeling, I’ve been researching different hormones and their effects in the body. It’s been very interesting to see how complex and intricate the human design really is.

I’ve always thought of hormones as relating to only sexuality. You know, puberty and growing up, reproduction, pms, stuff like that. But hormones do a lot more than just those things. They influence just about every function you can think of in the body.

So, yes, there’s sexual function and all that, but they also send signals to your body in things like when to sleep and when to wake, when you’re hungry and when you’re full, when to feel stressed and when to feel calm, when to store fat and when to drop it, and more.They interact with your muscles, your belly, your energy, your emotions, your fat, your blood sugar, your sex drive; they communicate with every part of you.

Hormones are basically little chemical errand boys (or, er—girls) that convey messages to your cells through your blood and it’s components. It’s kinda the same idea as sap in a tree that runs all throughout causing the tree to know how to react in various seasons. This is extremely simplified, but hormones carried in your blood are part of the sap in your body that causes it to know how to react in varied seasons and situations.
By design, hormones were created to link up your various cells and cause them to work together with a team mentality.(Rah! ⛹️‍♀️) If they’re doing their job correctly and their messages are getting through properly, you’re healthy, and your “team” is winning. If they’re doing their own thing, and the messages are getting dropped and sidetracked —then your “team’s” effort will be wonky and out of whack in one place or another.

This shows up as... depression, insomnia, obesity, stress and anxiousness, emotions (too much or not enough), sexuality (too much want to or not enough), autoimmune issues like diabetes and a host of others, migraines, brain fog, and on and on....

So it’s not hard to see that hormones functioning happily is essential to your “team” experiencing the win!

This is mainly just an intro, and we’ll talk more about various hormones as I look into them. But I want to leave you with this thought.

We often try to fix each hormonal condition separately. And I’d agree that there’s times to do that. Which is why I made my Adrena-pausal tea (see below), and why I’m looking into hormones in the first place. But, getting the whole “team” functioning together can best be done through changing what and how you eat.

Without a foundation of proper nutrition to truly feed your body real food, and without a detox from sugar, detox from white flour and pastas, then...medical things... herbal things... natural things will only ever amount to applying bandaids here and there.

Permanent PMS??? Please, no.

In my studying of hormones, I sorta landed on the idea that my adrenals needed a little help. Just some fatigue that I can’t seem to lose. Also, in nearing menopause, I’ve been feeling the edges of pms symptoms a lot (like 24/7 almost). And feeling like..is this PMS ever going to ever stop? Please don’t let this be permanent, Lord. (Yes, I know. That’s a bit over-reacting, but...... )

So, to maybe help some, I created what I’ve dubbed Adrena-Pausal Tea. It’s made from equal measures of Stinging Nettle, Oatstraw, Horsetail, with a few Rosehips thrown in.

Stinging Nettle
Energy! Nettle is chock full of vitamins and minerals and is the perfect base that we’ve used in many of our teas. No, it doesn’t sting once it’s dried. And it’s a
wonderful ally for nourishing and strengthening the kidneys and adrenals. It’s very hydrating, and can reduce fatigue and improve stamina. Is great for stabilizing blood sugar, reducing headaches, supporting the immune system, heals digestion and the nerves. Overall energizing for the hormonal systems. Helps normalize weight, and nourishes the cardio systems.

Eases tension! Oh man. You know that “I’m gonna rip your face off” feeling that accompanies pms too often?? Yeah, Oatstraw helps with that. (Actually, just plain oatmeal can too if you don’t have the tea). Other pluses include: building strong bones, relieving depression and emotional uproar (uhm, yeah), stabilizing blood sugar, reducing cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Can help reduce hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Nourishes the nerves, helps you sleep, eases the bladder and incontinence, reduces duration of headaches.

One of my all-time favorite herbs. I tend to slip Horsetail into as many tea blends as possible. It’s very relaxing. It’s overflowing with silica and glycosides which nourish the hormones, heart, and bones. It reduces bloating and helps with menstrual flooding. Helps strengthen veins and arteries, eases hot flashes. It increases energy and reduces fatigue.

I tossed a handful of rosehips into the mix for an added boost of vitamin c and to give the tea a tiny hint of fruity taste.

I brew the tea in a quart jar in the evening, let it sit overnight to make a strong infusion, and then drink a mug in the mornings with my breakfast. The quart of tea will last about 3 mornings. I’ve been on it for about a week and a half now, and I can already feel it doing its thing. I missed a cup today and I could feel the anger creeping back up. I’ve also noticed that I’m not losing as much hair👍 which is another menopausal thing.

We’d love to sell this on the internet, but alas, it’s not legal to do so. (We don’t have the very pricey permits), but we have permission to sell it in Washington County, Oklahoma. So if you’re in Bville and would like some, just email us.

Those Extra Lean Winter Blues

For us, winter is a lean time financially. You know the drill. It’s cold. So the furnace and heaters run more. So the electric bill goes way up. For my husband, overtime at work slows down cuz the holidays are past. We’re in the off season for the Market, so a lot of the “extra” income is dried up.

All this after the expense of Christmas. Which, we keep Christmas buying toned down and aren’t afraid to shop thrift stores for gifts, but still. It adds up, and it’s extra out-go right before the extra lean winter blues time comes.

There’s a need for lean times. Lean times are hard. But they can be good too. How’s that?

They force you out of your comfort zone.
They force you to look higher for help.
They force you to pull together in your marriage and as a family.
They force you to find inventive ways to make do.
They force you to not take things for granted.
They force you to suffer.

How in the world is suffering good?!

For all the same reasons that leanness is good. You know, all of life is about suffering. Grow up. You can’t escape all the things you don’t want to have to deal with. That’s not how this world works. You don’t get to feel good every day. You don’t get to have things go easily every day. You don’t get to do everything you want to do. Life isn’t about making you happy and having it easy. It’s about learning to be the person you were created to be—whatever the situation. Comfortable.. or, challenging.

Suffering lean times remind us that we’re able to handle much more than we think we can.

Suffering reminds us that there’s hope around the corner. You know..... the sunshine ALWAYS comes out after a stretch of bad weather.

Every. Time. 🧡

“In this world you shall have distress and pressure. But be happy. The world has been overcome.”
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