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Hi there! Something a little bit different this time. I don't have a full Healthy Healing Digest to share at this point, but I do sometimes post some thoughts to the blog that are not in the newsletter. That's the case with the first post here. It's totally new; the others were the latest from the last couple Healthy Healing Digests.

With doing school as well as JsCrossing stuff, blog stuff, Market stuff, Grandma stuff and Life in general, I’m thinkin’ this may be a good way to stay in touch with you off and on when I’m not feeling the publishing bug at the moment. I never want to send you something I'm feeling pressured about having to write. I wanna aim for a relaxed, cheery spirit in sharing. I feel like something written in joy and freedom will always communicate itself best. So here ya go... no pressure. 😊 Enjoy.


Turning Off the Force Field of My Thoughts

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a fan of Star Trek, particularly the original series from the 60s. There was one episode where Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock were being held inside a force field. As they tried to fight and get out—the force field only got stronger. And so the way out of the field was to stop …
Author: Mary
Categories: stroke recovery, Thoughts and stuff

Those Extra Lean Winter Blues

For us, winter is a lean time financially. You know the drill. It’s cold. So the furnace and heaters run more. So the electric bill goes way up. For my husband, overtime at work slows down cuz the holidays are past. We’re in the off season for the Market, so a lot of the “extra” income is dried up. All …
Author: Mary
Categories: Thoughts and stuff

Permanent PMS??? Please, no.

I've lately sorta landed on the idea that my adrenals needed a little help. Just some fatigue that I can’t seem to lose. Also, in nearing menopause, I’ve been feeling the edges of pms symptoms a lot (like 24/7 almost). And feeling like..is this PMS ever going to ever stop?😱 Please don’t let this be permanent, Lord. (Yes, I know. …
Author: Mary
Categories: Health Issues, Hormones, Medicinal, teas

Diluting Essential Oils and Why You Should

I wanted to talk a bit about diluting your essential oils and why you should. To say it upfront: we don’t really much encourage using any essential oils directly on your skin without diluting them first. Folks tend to view them as mere fragrances. However, they aren’t just smells to enjoy at leisure, they are medicines. Highly concentrated medicines. And …
Author: Mary
Categories: Essential Oils, How to Use EO's Properly
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