Healthy Healing Digest
Volume 1, Issue 18
September 7, 2018

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We have several newbie's joining us, and I thought I'd take a few and go over again what Jordan's Crossing and this Healthy Healing Digest you're receiving is all about.

Jordan's Crossing is a blog and a newsletter. What you buy from our online store and what is sold at the Farmer's Market supports the blog and newsletter.

We strive to keep our prices affordable, believing that there's so many people in the various health and herbal industries trying to take advantage of others.

Yes, we are a business. And this is a source of income for us. And we do need you to buy stuff from us to keep us going. But we're here to help people, not get rich. That's our heart. And our prices reflect that.
We're often told that we should charge more. But we want you to be able to afford getting healthy and to share out from our own experiences of achieving some of our own getting-healthy goals.

No one else has our health stories and needs and we share what we feel would be helpful to others.

I guess that's us in a nutshell. You can visit the Jordan's Crossing website if you want to know more. Or our Facebook Page.

So on to this edition of HHD. Life and death, that's what it feels like this issue is about. A beautiful, new, precious life following on the death of a precious lady in our lives.

Stress was a big factor in both those events, and so we hit on that too.

Enjoy. Learn. Grow.

Love ya,
💕 mary

My Weightloss Journey: TRIM HEALTHY MAMA

The following quote is part of a testimonial from the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook group. Not sure who to give credit to, but knowing this group, they most likely won’t care if it’s helpful to someone else. :)

“Eating healthy is not always easy. It takes work and effort. Some decide this plan is “too hard”. ..Weekly meal planning, cooking almost everything you eat, turning down food that everyone else is eating, figuring out what you can eat on a menu, and getting in a little exercise IS HARD. I’ve felt like quitting at times.

“But, having health problems, huffing and puffing when you walk, feeling miserable in your clothes, and feeling bad in general, is REALLY hard, too. Choose your hard. It’s up to you. I remind myself of this often.

“I can choose “the hard” of putting in some effort now or “the hard” of suffering health problems and feeling miserable
later. After two years, it HAS gotten easier and has become like second nature to me.

“Be patient with yourself and don’t give up. This is not a drastic/speedy weight loss plan. It is a healthy lifestyle change."

So do I do meal plans? Yes, whenever life isn't catching up with me time-wise.

Even before THM, I made a menu. We've never had alot of money, and knowing what to buy really helps with keeping the grocery budget under conrtol. Doing THM is no different.

In fact, it was in following others' menu plans on the web that really helped me to grasp how to do THM, and like the lady in the testimonial said, it's become second nature after a year and a half (for me).

Here's some links that were some of the most helpful for coming up with meal in the beginning. I still reference them occasionally.



Wanna talk about your dieting difficulties or THM? Feel free to email me at jordanscrossingherbs@gmail.com

Baby is Here!


Some of you may remember from last issue that we were waiting on the new grand. Welp, she finally arrived. 😊 Grandchild #5. Caitlin Delight 7lbs 13oz. She graced us with her presence on September 3rd in the middle of the afternoon. Labor Day was truly Labor Day in our family. 😀 She’s a precious little sweetheart.

A lot of folks were surprised because our daughter chose to have the baby at home, and not go to a hospital. A lot of folks have no idea that such is even an option. Hospital births are simply the expected thing, but for literally hundreds and hundreds of years (millennia!), women have been having babies at home.

Now, I’m not here trying to defend my daughter’s choice —or put down someone else’s. Each one must do what’s right and comfortable for them.
But from my own experience in hospitals, having had my own kiddos in a hospital years ago (and from the weeks I spent there after my stroke), I can tell you everything is geared around fear. Fear of everything that might happen. Fear of this possibility. Fear of that complication. Everything in a hospital is viewed through the lens of fear.

Yes, things could go wrong in a home birth. Things actually didn’t go according to plan with Caitlin. She came very fast and took everyone by surprise. Her daddy and grandma (me) were the only ones there. We had the midwife on speaker-phone talking us through it.

It was a definite adrenaline-rush and scary, but it all basically happened on its own. Birth is a natural process after all. The midwife was on her way as she was talking to us. She got there about 5 minutes after baby and took over, and all was completely well. Yes, it could have gone wrong, but it didn’t....

In fact, it was all so fast that even if she had planned on a hospital birth she wouldn’t have made it. Even if we’d have called 911, she wouldn’t have made it. They live 30 min from the closest hospital, so she would’ve delivered in the ambulance at best... if the ambulance would’ve made it in time.

“What if” can go on to infinity.............

Again, I’m not trying to talk anyone into anything. Each one must follow what allows them to feel at peace. And, there’s more choices than either home or a hospital. Do your research. Whatever your choices in anything, never let fear be your decision-maker.

For us as grandparents, we still have one more to go this year! A little boy next time, come the early part of November. Looking forward to meeting little Zac!

A couple links to home birth sites, if you’re interested:



My Sweet Friend, Marsha

My friend, Marsha, passed away suddenly on a Friday evening 3 weeks ago in a car accident. It was shock to everyone who knew her. She was the sweetest person. Kind and helpful to a fault. “An awesome human being” as another friend called her.

She had two kiddos, twins, that had just turned 5. Their little family had just come to a fish fry at our house, their kids playing with our grands only 2 weeks before the accident.

I’d known Marsha for 2 1/2 years and had pretty much seen her or messaged her almost every week for all that time. We were often vendors in the same places. Marsha and I often talked about her children. She loved and enjoyed them dearly.
She also had a lot of health issues, off and on, that we talked about at times. Then too, we had a lot of touch through the Farmers Market since I do their FB page and newsletter, and she designed and sold the Market merchandise and designed the logo.

I prayed for her often.

And honestly, I think that’s the thing I miss the most. My prayers for her were spontaneous throughout my day. Whenever I’d think of her, and something she’d shared or something I’d noticed, I’d say a little prayer and ask Jesus to help her with this or that.

After she died.. I’d find myself praying for her and then remembering she was no longer in need of prayer.😢

When I think of Marsha now, the thought that keeps coming to me is of how fragile we all are. How fragile life is. We’re made of dust and we break and crumble so easily.

Love on your peeps while you have them. It really can change in the blink of an eye. I know. That gets said all the time. But we, so so, so much, take it for granted all the time too. And we mustn’t.

Life is fragile. Handle with great care.🧡

Spiritual Ponderings: Jump Off the Merry-Go-Round of Your Thoughts!

Stress. It rules our lives so much. It can cause us so much pain and grief. It directly effects our health too. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything.

It raises blood pressure. It gives heart attacks. It raises blood sugar. We withdraw from those who love us. We lose sight of what’s truly important. We don’t think straight. We fall into depression. We lose touch with God. We fall into various addictions like food, gaming, drugs or alcohol.

Stress kills so much. Getting it under control is a necessity.
Where to start? Start with your thinking. We just love the word “overthinking” nowadays. We caress it and massage it and hug it to ourselves. We worship overthinking. But, come’on, name it for what it is. Worry... Fret... Anxiety... FEAR.

Where fear is, stress rules.

Stress comes because it tries to control everything it fears. Therefore
CONTROLLING your thoughts is imperative. Talking THE TRUTH to yourself is imperative.

“Everything” is not your responsibility. And worrying... OVERTHINKING about it.. helps absolutely nothing and no one. It just makes you unhealthy... it makes you eat and feel bad, make stupid choices, hurt the people you love.... which stresses you out even more on top of everything else. It all just snowballs.

Leave the responsibility for your life in God’s hands. That’s what fear and stress really are. Thinking I’m responsible to make everything in my life be right and go well. However, if you’re a child of a heavenly Father— then that’s His job.

Let go! Let it be okay for it to happen the way you fear it will. I mean, really. What if the worst case scenario happened the way you think it will? What would you do? You’d pick up and go through it the best you could, and you’d make it.

Human beings are resilient that way. You are resilient.

And if you look to God, he will be your strength in the midst.

Still, with that said, THE TRUTH is 99% of our overthinking is never going to happen as we imagine. So let it go. When the flood of thoughts come, tell them “no”. Walk away from your head. Walk out of the dark forest you're about to create. Jump off the merry-go-round of your overthinking and fears.

Stop being a willing slave to your mind. To FEAR. You have a good Father. Believe in him.
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