Healthy Healing Digest
Volume 2, Issue 24
January 23, 2019
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Hello Again! Brrr! The cold has arrived! I'm thankful today is sunny. Cold with sun is bearable. Cold without sun is pretty miserable.

I realize we're pretty wimpy in Oklahoma, being a little more south than some. So "cold" is kinda relative. I mean, it's in the 30-40's here and we think it's cold. In other places, like Indiana where we're originally from, it's below zero!

So... there's always a silver lining to look at. 😊

This time we're talking more about diluting your essential oils, and

discussing some of the mechanics of losing weight, and going through some strategies of how to beat cold season this year.

There's alot more links this time which I hope you find helpful. They're not just links to JsCrossing stuff, but other things that we use as well, so that you can see what it looks like. You can buy it or order it from wherever you like, but the links are there to give you an idea for what an item looks like.

As always though, this newsletter and our blog is supported by your purchases of JsCrossing products.

Be Warm! Love ya,
love ya, mary

My Health Journey: TRIM HEALTHY MAMA


Joseph's Lavash Flat Bread is our friend! (In the Bville Walmart, it's in the bread area). A healthier, low carb alternative to tortillas and wraps. The above recipe has become my new favorite snack item! Light Laughing Cow cheese triangles (back in the deli area), along with cinnamon "sugar"(we use Pyure Cinnamon) and the lavash bread combine to make a cinnamony cheese danish that's low calorie, low fat, and low carb! 🙌 The recipe says to bake it, but I cheat and nuke it for about a minute and 20 secs, turning it once in between so it doesn't burn. Fast, easy, yummy and good for me. 👍

I’ve still been trying to get back in the groove, anxiously waiting for my body’s metabolism to kick back in and for the scale to begin dropping again. I realized recently though that I’ve kinda been shooting myself in the foot.

How so?
Well, I’d gotten into a bad habit of ...snitching.

You know. A bite here. A bite there. Snitching while cooking. A few dark chocolate chips won’t hurt. A bite of cheese sounds good. A few low carb chips should be okay.

Basically letting my appetite be in charge. I justified it by saying “it’s little”, “it’s still healthy”, “it can’t hurt”. But when I'm doing that I'm essentially sabotaging my body’s internal rhythms.

See, metabolism speeds up when I allow enough time for my body to digest whichever fuel (carbs and/or fats) I’ve put in it. That digesting is the revving. That revving is my metabolism kicking in to strip off the pounds (what I’ve been waiting for!). And if I’m constantly snitching/snacking in between I’m throwing off the entire tempo of that process.

So...yeah.... What to do?

Tell myself no. Ask God for self-control and discipline and to change whatever’s in my heart that keeps me from victory. It’s slowly coming under control again.

..I want to be healthy. I want to lose more weight. I want my metabolism to do its job. I want to meet my goals. Above all, I want God to be honored. I want to want that more than I want to stuff my face......
Wanna talk about your dieting difficulties or THM? Feel free to email me at jordanscrossingherbs@gmail.com

More on the Wisdom of Diluting those Essential Oils

We talked last time about diluting essential oils and why you should. It’s not a fun thing to have an allergic reaction to an oil. I had an itchy, horrible rash all over me when I reacted to an oil blend after overusing it undiluted. And now I’m sensitized to that EO and can’t use it again without having another reaction.

But, beyond the negative reasons, there’s a few good reasons to dilute as well. And I wanted to touch on those positive things.

Essential oils are highly volatile. That means they evaporate quickly, so when you use them on your skin neat (undiluted), they disperse and float quickly off into aroma oblivion.😇

However dilute them in a carrier oil and they are then allowed to penetrate your skin and enter your blood stream much more effectively.

What’s a carrier oil? Well, a carrier oil “carries” the essential oil into your skin and then into your blood stream. The carrier oil we use most often in our rollies is Almond Oil which is a very nutritious, luxurious medium weight oil that’s excellent for “carrying” an essential oil.

Olive and Coconut oils are also good oils which are common and readily available. Our Walmart now sells fractionated coconut oil which is super light on the skin. Of course, organic, cold pressed oils are best, but, to be honest, we can’t always afford those and so just use the regular stuff off the shelf in the oil preparations we dilute for our own uses.

Another good reason you should dilute is because it’s extremely cost effective. I’m
serious. By diluting them you’re using tons less of your oils than if you use them neat. I was soooo thankful when I figured this out! 💡 I mean, I was saving myself at least half again on oils (probably more!)

Honestly, you rarely need a large amount of any oil. Essential oils are THAT concentrated; that potent. One diluted drop will often git ‘er done. One of my favorite things to experiment with has become figuring out the least amount I need to get the effect I’m wanting from a particular oil. I mean, if one drop of diluted EO works well, then there’s no need to use more, which only has the very positive effect of saving me money!💪

A third reason diluting Essential Oils makes sense is it’s sustainable and will help preserve the precious oils for the generations to come. It takes hundreds of pounds of plant material to make a few ounces of essential oil. As the interest in using EO’s soars we’re going through some of these plants extremely quickly. No doubt some will become extinct in the years to come if we’re not careful. Diluting your oils slows down that process.🌱 And really, once you get in the habit of it, diluting oils in a carrier is hardly any extra work.

Suggestions for containers for diluting at home: Small glass jars, like baby food jars or tiny jelly jars (like you get at Christmas sometimes). Small jelly jars. Old, glass candle containers. Glass spice jars. You really don't want to use plastic to store EO's in as they will eventually eat through it. Very simple to use a sharpie and mark what's in the jar.
Also, just to let you know, we are selling empty bottles now that you can use to dilute. In fact, we see this as such an important thing that we're selling them at just above our cost. Find them here.

Uh Oh! It's Coughs and Colds Season Again!

It’s that time of year again. Around here, the back and forth weather is producing a lot of ... well, snot.🤧 Think: Sniffles. Headache. Congestion. Cold.


I thought I’d share our list of natural strategies that I’ve come to rely on during the winter months. Not that we never ever use over the counter meds. Cuz we do at times. I mean, if you’re hacking your lungs out in the middle of the night and aren’t getting any sleep, that’s the time to consider over the counter stuff.

But, stuff like cough syrup, NyQuil, Benadryl, nasal decongestants, Tylenol, etc., address the symptoms but won’t bring any healing whatsoever. Even going to the doc nowadays and getting an antibiotic is no guarantee that you’ll kick it quickly with all these weird germie strains going around. So, it’s useful to know some natural and readily available measures to have at your disposal.

Of the herbs listed below, you can easily find teas at Walmart, online, or at a health food store. You can buy pills too of the herbs listed here (though pills are the least effective method of taking an herb, but if you can’t or don’t want to drink tea all day then they’re a good alternative).
To Boost the Immune System:
Echinacea Tea (use this at first signs of a cold and for no more than 10 days at a stretch.)
Elderberry Tea or Syrup (take some each day as a preventative).

Making elderberry syrup is easy. Just make 2 cups super strong tea, let it cool, and add 1 cup raw honey (local raw honey is best). Raw honey is a great cough syrup and general health elixir in itself.

Grave Robber’s Essential Oil Blend (diffuse, topical)
Breathe Immunity Essential Oil Blend (diffuse, topical) (do not use this blend with young children)

Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree & Sweet Orange are all great germ fighting oils to use, especially with littles.

Colloidal Silver
Vita C pills or Emergen-C packets (which you can find at Walmart now too).

For Coughs
Thyme Tea
Marshmallow Root Tea
Licorice Root Tea
Coughs & Colds Essential Oil Blend
Red Thyme Essential Oil

Sore Throats
Slippery Elm Bark Tea
Slippery Elm Bark Lozenges
Spearmint Spray

Cleaning & Detoxing Germs
Gemaphobe’s Delight
Peroxide in a spray bottle, soak your toothbrushes in peroxide too
Citrus Clean

In conclusion, don’t underestimate the power of plain water.💦 If you’re dehydrated every symptom of a cold is worse. Drink several glasses a day to break up congestion and loosen coughs.
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