Healthy Healing Digest
Volume 2, Issue 23
January 09, 2019
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Hi again, everyone. 😊

Happy New Year! Can’t believe it’s 2019 already. Where did last year go?? Doesn’t seem possible.

I sincerely hope you’re resolved to live this year more healthy than last year. I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do have certain expectations of answers that I’m looking for in some key health needs for myself this coming year.

We all have health challenges that we face. Anxiety, cancer, high blood pressure, depression, grief, insomnia, negative eating habits, teenagers, in-laws, coworkers...

Ok. Lol. The last few might not be exactly health related... but they could be filed under “stress”.😉

At any rate, all of us have some kind of physical, mental or emotional (or spiritual, or relational) health issue that we’d like to see improved. I’m convinced there’s an answer out there for each of us.
For myself, I’m going to focus on losing more weight this year. I still have about 25lbs that I’d like gone. You know, the food we eat is soooo important. A lot of people say that we’re going to die anyway so we might as well enjoy what we eat. It’s true, except that how we eat effects so much of the quality of that life we’re trying to live.

So many people don’t realize that. There’s a reason we have headaches, feel blue, struggle with anger and impatience and negativity, feel tired constantly, and a host of other problems.

Even if you don’t need to lose weight, the kind of food you put into your body effects how you feel in your day to day. You might enjoy eating junk, but if eating it makes you feel so junky, then is it really worth it?

Ok. Ok. Lol. I’ll back down a bit. I’m really not trying to preach at you, but I truly want folks to feel better and to know how good healthiness can feel.

So, I’ll leave you with that thought, and I hope you enjoy this issue! 😊

Here’s to our feeling better in 2019,

Getting Healthy and Slim with Trim Healthy Mama:

My new favorite ham salad! This is an awesome, simple, filling lunch recipe, or, it would be a great, fast throw together meal for a summer evening.

The inspiration came from Briana Thomas-Burkholder’s new cookbook, Convenient Food. I adjusted and added my own flair—which you should do too!

1 lb package of ham chunks
1 cup chopped fresh cucumber
1/2-3/4 cup low-fat regular Mayo (not miracle whip)
2 tablespoons Greek yogurt
1/2-1 tsp dill weed
A splash or two of dill pickle juice
1/2-1 tsp onion powder
Sweetener of choice to taste (I used 1/8 tsp monk fruit)
Pinch or two of Himalayan sea salt

Since ham has a lot of fat in it, in the THM world this would be considered an S dish
which stands for Satisfying. Which it wholly is! This makes enough for 3-4 servings.

I paired it with half a piece of Joseph’s Lavash bread that I’d made into salted, black pepper crackers. Those are simple to make too. Joseph’s Lavash is a low carb flat bread that’s easily found at Walmart in the bread aisle.

Just cut it in half, spread it with a tiny layer of butter and then season it the way you want it. Some ideas we love: cinnamon “sugar” (cinnamon mixed with pyure, a sugar free sweetener), garlic salt, and my fave with Himalayan salt and a bit of cracked black pepper.

Then I take kitchen scissors and carefully cut it into “crackers”, put it on a paper plate, and microwave it for about 45 seconds, check it then nuke it another 30secs. Or bake them in a 350 oven for 8-10mins.

They crisp up and are so simple and tasty! And won’t spike your blood sugar the way regular crackers or chips can, but yet they leave your crunch crave satisfied.

Note: microwave times can vary. You’ll need to experiment with your times. And if you’re gluten free, then Lavash bread won’t work for you as it’s partially made with wheat.
Wanna talk about your dieting difficulties or THM? Feel free to email me at jordanscrossingherbs@gmail.com

Confessions of a Food Snob


All your life you’ve been somewhat proud of the idea that you’re not a picky eater and never have been. And then one day... poof!.... it happens.

You realize you’re a food snob.😲 You look down and can almost visibly see that your nose is turned up at the food you just tasted.

It happened to me with Trim Healthy Mama Healthy Brown Rice Krispy Treats the other day. They are in the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook (which, note that the Kindle version is on sale for $1.99!!) I’d bought the stuff to make them a while back, but hadn’t had time til last week.
Truth to tell, I wasn’t expecting them to taste exact. Alternative sweeteners and flours just aren’t going to be the same as the high sugar, white flour versions. I’d accepted that years ago and thought I was over it.

Uhm.. sure...

Until a few days ago.

Now, I’m not dissing THM. And I’m not dissing healthy rice krispy treats. (I even own to the fact that maybe I didn't make them just right). But they didn’t have any kind of taste or texture that even remotely resembled the real rice krispy treats. Nada. Not. at. all.

And in my first bite, I felt it. The nose wrinkle. The first sure sign of food snobbery.

My second bite wasn’t much different and I considered rejecting them as a fail and feeding them to the chickens. But as you know, healthy food isn’t cheap, and you don’t just throw expensive food out (no matter how much you love your chickens).🐓
So, I beat down my food snobbishness, and boxed it in at gunpoint and threatened my finicky tastebuds with murder if I didn’t eat all of it. I covered the pan and stuck it in the fridge. The next morning, fully knowing what it wasn’t going to taste like, I had a slice for brekky..

A curious thing happened. Imagine my surprise when I found, after a couple bites, that it tasted pretty great. 😯 Reminiscent of the puffed wheat cereal we used to eat as kids. That, mixed with gummy bears.

Yes, I said gummy bears.

It’s made with brown rice cakes and gelatin. It’s kinda like puffed rice jello. Yep. Go ahead. Wrinkle your nose. I get it. I understand fully.

But. I’m still telling ya—it tastes good! They’re not gonna fool anybody that they’re even close to rice krispy treats. (Maybe rice not-krispy treats). But as a dish in their own right, without the expectation of a certain taste and certain texture, they are good.

The moral of the story? Food is a mind game. And if it doesn’t measure up to what my mind has in mind, then I reject it.

Get rid of the expectation of what it’s ‘supposed’ to taste like and the mouth feel it’s ‘supposed’ to have, and enter in to whether it actually tastes good or not.

When you do that, the food snob in you might occasionally find itself surprised.... 😯
The Trim Healthy Mama version of Brown Rice Krispy Treats is copyrighted. You can find it in the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook that I mentioned. But here's a link to another healthy brown rice krispy treat that might fit the bill for you. It's made with Maple Syrup so it wouldn't be optimal for weight loss, but it'd be excellent for your kids. https://kulamama.com/healthy-rice-krispies-treats/

Also, I recently added a new article on the blog about “e” meals on Thm. To read it you can visit here: Love Me Some "E"!

Diluting Essential Oils, and Why You Should

Rollie Bottles
I wanted to talk a bit about diluting your essential oils and why you should.

We don’t encourage using any essential oils directly on your skin without diluting them first.

Folks tend to view them as mere fragrances. However, they aren’t just smells to enjoy at leisure, they are medicines. Highly concentrated medicines. And they need to be respected as such.

Yes, you can use them on your skin undiluted (called “neat”) and maybe not have a reaction. You could maybe even use them neat for years and years with nothing negative happening. But think of it like poison ivy. You can go years and years and not be allergic to it, and then one day... you are.

That happened to me. For years I wasn’t allergic to poison ivy and so wasn’t careful around it. And then one day ...it was all over me. And I was itching and scratching like crazy for a week or more.

Trust me, I carefully avoid it now.😜

Undiluted essential oils have the exact same potential for unexpected, out of the blue allergic reactions (called sensitization). If you’re using them neat on your skin on a regular basis there’s every possibility of an allergic reaction occurring at some point.
I tell you this from my same experience as the poison ivy. Back before I knew the importance of diluting essential oils, I was using our Grave Robbers Oilundiluted and somewhat often to keep from getting sick. No reaction. No reaction. And then one day.... I was itching all over quite severely.🥴

Through the process of elimination, I discovered it was the Grave Robbers.

The thing is...I can likely never use it again now, and have to be extremely careful when bottling it that I don’t get it on me. If I do, I’ll be itching again.

A wonderful, very effective immune boosting oil is off limits for me now (very probably forever) because I wasn’t very wise.

Which—I didn’t know back then. But! I do now, and I’m telling others so that they won’t have to have the same bad experience.

Now with that said, is there ever a time to use essential oils undiluted? Yes, there are times. Like an emergency for example. We’ve had grandchildren get stung by a wasp or fall and cut their chin. We used one drop of straight Lavender in both cases.

Lavender is the one oil to have on hand for just such emergencies. It cuts the pain fast and calms the child so you can more effectively do what needs done with the wound. Burns would be another example of an immediate situation where you use Lavender oil undiluted. Tea Tree Oil is another that could be considered safe to use undiluted in an emergency.

However, the very safest solution would still be to have a diluted bottle of lavender or tea tree or a combo on hand.
You can find 2% pre-diluted roller bottlesfor sale in our store. Don’t let folks fool you into paying exorbitant prices for Rollie bottles. We strive to keep our prices fair and true to cost. If you have a custom Rollie you’d like made, just message us and we can work out details.
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