Healthy Healing Digest
Volume 1, Issue 14
May 31, 2018
I will be honest and say this issue has been hard to come together. We went on vacation— which was wholly wonderful— but it's been one thing after another since we got back.

I just feel like I've got sludge in my brain. I know it's my hormones. I am 54 after all, and getting close to the big "change". And I have found a little relief that I share about below.

But still.

It's not my preference to feel like this.

But it is life. So we’ll go with it, and make the best of it.

You”ll find this issue maybe a little more toned down than normal with more on my weight loss and health journey,
Lake Tenkiller
essential oils, chiropractic care, and our purpose in life.

We’re getting ready for a visit from my parents. They’re driving in from Indiana which is about 15 hours. They’re almost 80. It makes me nervous, but I’m proud of them for keeping going at their age.

They want to visit the Bartlesville Farmers Market with us this Saturday. If you’re local, you should stop by. Lots of good things going on! Especially think about coming June 16th.. It's Dad's Day at the Market. Lots of fun activities for kids and Dads!

Have a good one, mary 💗

Weight Loss Journey: TRIM HEALTHY MAMA

Still hovering about the same weight-wise. My body is apparently focusing on healing other places right now rather than losing weight.

I’m still losing inches. Someone had given me several pairs of medium pants last year and I’d put them in the closet, hoping I would get into them this year. So, I dug them out, and they fit! 😊 No straining or sucking in the gut to get them on. They’re completely comfy to wear.

I also had another health victory not long ago that tells me my body is continuing to heal. I took my blood sugar and it was 102! That’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it since I started on this journey. That wasn’t even three hours after having eaten something sugary. We were on vacation and I bought some fudge from an Amish shop as a planned cheat treat. And I checked my blood sugar because I want to see what it was doing after eating a couple pieces.. never expecting it to be that low. I was elated.

But now I’m faced with decisions.

That’s only two points shy of normal. Anything under 100 as a fasting reading is considered normal so my blood sugar is basically now normal. So ..I’m faced with some choices. I can either go back to eating more the way I used to, (and don’t think that’s not a temptation for me cuz it is, to let off and let up and just do the easy comfort-zone thing). Or I can continue on trim healthy mama and keep going on my journey into health.
And again, just because I write about health and believe in health doesn’t mean I don’t like the sugary, junky stuff anymore or feel it's (mental mostly) pull. I’m fooling myself if I believe I can’t be addicted again. So like I said I have choices to make and I have to determine in my own heart what I want the most and which way I’m going to go.

And it’s more than just me determining it. It’s also about me talking to God about it and finding out what his will is for me. That's the reason I’m here to begin with.

And maybe that sounds too legalistic for some or maybe that’s too minuscule a thing to worry over, but his will is important to me. Not out of obedience. For love. I want to know what he thinks and I want to do what he says. He knows more than I do and he is good and he has my good in mind and so I want to find out his thoughts on such every day things.

At the same time I totally know I have the freedom to do whatever I want to do. I know that I could go back to my old way of eating and that he would still be with me. I know that I can keep that lifestyle for myself and that he would be with me as he was there. He’s not forcing me to do anything. And I’m not forcing myself to do anything.

So, I wrote the above a week or two ago... and in these last couple days, I believe he’s given me peace to just relax. To not give up my health goals, to not radically change my eating patterns, but to relax and keep looking to him. So, we’ll go with that. 😊
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Healthy Healing:

More on Dr. Z

I spent a lot of time over the last week or two reading through Eric Zielinsky‘s (Dr. Z) book on essential oils, and the word that keeps coming back to me is “empowered”. I don’t usually like that word cuz it’s kinda cliched. Especially in health circles. But it’s the best word I can think of. I also feel certain. Like this is exactly where I’m supposed to land as far as essential oils go and how to tell people how to use them safely and effectively.

I’ve been experimenting with his recipes and advice, and have had a couple of victories, and I just believe what he’s teaching is effective and right. It’s easy to grasp, uncomplicated, yet authoritative. And unbiased. He’s not trying to sell any brand of oils, and that in itself makes me take note and gives me a sense of trust cuz its not just company rhetoric he’s spouting in order to get me to buy something.

One of the very best things that I feel good about in reading his book and learning his protocols is that I’m not going through my oils as fast. I’m only using one or two drops mixed with a carrier oil. And it works just as effectively; actually better I think.

You wouldn’t think diluting your oils would be as effective ..but it really is! Dr. Z talks about how diluted oils enter into
your system through the carrier oil you use (ex., coconut, almond, olive oil, etc.) which helps them not to evaporate as fast. This method actually makes them go into your system very quickly and stay in there because it, more or less, makes them “sticky” (that’s not his word, it’s mine, but maybe you get the gist).

So I’m using less oils, which means I don’t go through them as fast ..which means I don’t go through my money as fast ..which means that I’m saving money ..which means happy camper. Yes, ma’am, right here! 💃 My investment is going longer. And yet it’s just as effective... the healing power is maybe even more.

So, what victories have I had?

Hormones for one. This last month’s monthly has been a bear. I put together a hormone formula based on his protocol, diluted it with almond oil, and applied it to my thyroid and adrenals (just up from the kidneys) 3x a day. By the end of the day, I could feel things beginning to even out for me and my energy starting to return.

Another victory, I’ve always had stuffy-nose-at-night issues. I’ve tried everything. Everything. Natural stuff-- including essential oils, over the counter stuff.. just nothing worked. Well, based on the things I learned in his book I made a blend, I diluted it with olive oil and began applying it to the outside of my nose and around my sinus area. And it worked! And when I wake up stuffy at night now, all I have to do is apply a little of the diluted oils and it clears it right up. (This wasn’t a treatment I’d been able to previously try because using undiluted oils around the eyes wasn’t a wise thing).

At any rate, if you’d like to learn more about essential oils, Dr. Eric Zielinski, DrEricZ.com, is the place to go. And The Healing Power of Essential Oils is a terrific guide to have on hand.

And don't forget about our oils! They are therapeutic grade, non-gmo, 100% pure. They work well with all of Dr Z's recommendations.

More Healthy Healing: NUCCA Chiropractic

NUCCA alignment
For the last year I’ve been going to a special chiropractor. She’s a NUCCA chiropractor. NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

I’ve been going to chiropractors as needed since I was 17 and put my back out for the first time. I prefer chiropractors cuz they tend to be on the more natural end of things. For me, I just seem to jive best with them.

However, a NUCCA chiropractor is unlike any chiropractor you’ve ever had. There’s no snap, crackle, and poppin' going on. They work exclusively on the Atlas bone at the top of the neck.

Now, I used to go to a chiro that realigned the Atlas, but he was rather violent by comparison. A table that drops out from under your neck, a loud sound, and a little jolt.😬 And it never stayed; it would always pop back out after a few days.

The adjustments I experience with the NUCCA technique are so gentle they’re barely felt. For real. True story. It’s all very quiet and no more traumatic than lying on a table for about 5 minutes and having a conversation while doing so. Seriously that’s all there is to it. I lie on the table, she puts her fingers behind my ear, I hear a few clicks... and that’s it. It's kinda amazing, really.

The aligning of that little bone, the Atlas, effects alot of different things. It’s very central to the nerves through the body and a lot of happenings in the brain which also effects everything throughout the body. Here’s some things they’ve found it to help.
For me, I'd wanted to see if it would help my stroke symptoms. And it does! Everything from helping my lame, stroke leg not feel quite so tight to helping my eyesight (which has been wonky since the stroke) to helping me cognitively. I usually have to go every month. I can always tell when it’s time cuz I start getting “glitchy” and my various symptoms get worse.

Now, I won’t fool ya... this is an investment of time and money. I had to commit to a year of treatment. There’s ex-rays at the beginning, and for the first 3-4 months I also committed to going multiple times a week. This was so that my muscles would adjust along with the treatment and not pull the alignment back out.

It was over a $1000 to begin with, which they set up payments each month, spread out over a year, to make it more affordable. Now that we’re past that, a regular appointment is like any other chiropractor, about $60.

It was a good six months before I felt a lot of difference in my symptoms. Now, that will be different for each person, and that’s the beauty of it all. Its highly personalized for each person and their health needs.

We have a friend who goes for help with her migraines. And we have an elderly customer who goes because she feels it helps her think and focus better for her age (and she really is very spry and healthy for over 80ish). It’s very good for children too, even infants, (we’ve seen quite a few go through the office), as well as animals.

If you’re local to Bartlesville, we highly recommend Precision Spinal and Drs. TC and Rikki Sydebotham. They are warm and caring and will listen to your concerns. But if not, we certainly recommend finding a NUCCA practitioner in your area.

Here’s a good link for more info: https://www.nuccainfo.com/nucca/

Spiritual Ponderings: His Purpose

It’s truly a purpose driven life.

Prosperity preachers would have us believe the purpose centers on us.
On making it to heaven and having the best life we can in the process.

But our purpose is to be like Christ. Rom 8:29.

And the purpose of all the circumstances in our lives, good OR bad, is for God to help that become true in us, to form Christ in us.

To become less and less of the old me, and become more and more of the new me in Christ. Less of the old me being seen, and more of him shining through.

In the good OR bad.

It’s very grounding and centering to keep that in my thoughts.

To come back to it again and again.
It explains so much of, well.. everything.

So if my hormones are raging and my insides are mixed up because of the stroke and I can’t can’t can’t find the place of peace (tho I can see it) and I have a meltdown cuz of it all (stupid mustard bottle!)....

It’s to make me like Christ.

That’s the purpose.

Sounds crazy. Surreal. Even almost unchristian.

Yet... this, my failure, is part of the process of God forming Christ in me.

Part of the process of God exposing and breaking down the old me.

Part of the process of him making me less and less.

It’s my strength being spent.
“Me” being weakened.

And if I let it be okay.. and stay there.. and don’t fight it... embrace it...
CHOOSING weakness..

Then he’ll step into my “cant” and become my “can”.
And Jesus will be “more” in my “less”.

And that’s the whole purpose of my spiritual life.

And how God makes everything work together for the good to those who love him and are the called according to his purpose ..and who are being conformed to his image. Rom 8:28,29

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