September 16, 2020

Howdy again y'all, the content of this issue has been on my heart for a while now. A good friend passed away suddenly a month ago. She texted me on a Friday evening that she was sick, and then we got the news early Sunday morning that she had died. She had contracted Covid. It had happened SO FAST. We were all in shock. Still doesn't seem quite real. 😳 She was one of the kindest people you'd ever meet. So, in honor of her, and because I know she would want you to know the truth... this issue is for my sweet friend. I would ask you --especially if you're overweight-- to consider these things carefully.💜
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Saying it Plain: Overweight and Obese People are at High Risk from Covid

Saying it Plain: Overweight and Obese People are at High Risk from Covid
She was my friend. She was a wonderful, kind-hearted friend. Not having much herself, but always giving. Rarely feeling good herself, but always interested.She loved BIG.Hard-working. Loyal. Faithful.She died from Covid....It took her within days.She didn’t die because she didn’t wear a mask.She didn’t die because of lack of social distancing.I’m just gonna say this bluntly cuz there’s no way …

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Are You Missing the “Old Normal” Too?

Are You Missing the “Old Normal” Too?
I know all about the “new normal”. But I can’t help it...I long for the old normal. You know, where if you’re sick it’s just a cold or a bit of the flu, where runs are runs and pukies are pukies and not every single thing “might be” corona. 😱 I long to be able to see people’s faces again. …

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Defeating the 'Rona

Defeating the 'Rona
We know two people who have died from COVID-19. One was elderly, one was in his 40’s. One had co-morbidities (additional health problems), one did not appear to. We also know a family locally who contracted it. Parents were in their 40’s, kids were teens. They all survived thankfully. More and more we’re hearing of people we personally know coming …

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The direction the Lord led me on losing weight. Be sure to ask him on the direction you should go. He will lead you rightly, if you're earnest about it.

Lifestyle Shift: Trim Healthy Mama

Lifestyle Shift: Trim Healthy Mama
THM. I've been using those letters a lot lately. They stand for Trim Healthy Mama. ..And I'm sold. Not as some sort of fad diet, but as a lifestyle shift for me. As I've spoken of previously, before I ever had my stroke, at the Lord's prompting, I made the decision to go gluten free. My weight started dropping fast. …
Might not be what you think...

God's Take on Health Food

God's Take on Health Food
Does God want us to eat healthy? I've been asking the Lord off and on about that question for a while now. I'll be honest. I first asked the question cuz I was looking for vindication and to justify my side of an argument. Since I believe in health and healthy living, having God in my corner on it would've …

In Loving Memory of Connie Jean Burton

July 20, 1960 - August 16, 2020

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