May 26, 2020

Howdy everyone! just stoppin' in for a sec. Hope y'all are doing well and are faring the your state's re-opening process with grace wherever you may be. Just a couple things I wanted to share this time. Our latest "commercial" and last article, and also a re-run of the "Merry-Go-Round" article from a year or two ago-- that was very encouraging to re-read in this time of stress and fear! Won't keep you long, so here ya go..... Be blessed,
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Defeating the 'Rona

Defeating the 'Rona
We know two people who have died from COVID-19. One was elderly, one was in his 40’s. One had co-morbidities (additional health problems), one did not appear to. We also know a family locally who contracted it. Parents were in their 40’s, kids were teens. They all survived thankfully. More and more we’re hearing of people we personally know coming …

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The Cure for Our Virus

The Cure for Our Virus
A virus comes and attacks a portion of our body. It then spreads all throughout and effects every area in some way.We spread germs and others get sick from us.Our immune function kicks in and attacks the germ invaders.We start to get better. And then form antibodies.The antibodies make it easier to fight the infection next time and also help …

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Avoid Fear and you'll lose your stress...that's a win win!

Jump Off the Merry-Go-Round of Your Thoughts!

Jump Off the Merry-Go-Round of Your Thoughts!
Stress. It rules our lives so much. It can cause us so much pain and grief. It directly effects our health too. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything. It raises blood pressure. It gives heart attacks. It raises blood sugar. We withdraw from those who love us. We lose sight of what’s truly important. We don’t think straight. We fall …
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