May 8, 2020

Wearing masks nowadays has become a hotbed of controversy and even violence. Should we or shouldn't we? Some of us don't have a choice. It's mandatory at work. It's become mandatory in many stores now too. We do believe making masks mandatory is a governmental agenda especially now that the threat of Covid-19 has been shown to be not nearly as bad as projected. And we are very definitely afraid, that even though mandatory mask-wearing is a small thing, it will lead to more and more loss of our freedoms. It's very important to stay safe from illnesses like C-19, but our economy and our freedoms are very important too. Only Truth can set us free.
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Stay Safe... but Stay Free

Stay Safe... but Stay Free
Folks seem to be polarized on the subject of wearing a mask now that the government is re-opening. Some say yea, some say nay—and not always nicely. I will be honest and say that we are in the camp that thinks wearing masks are, at best, an inefficient means of keeping germs at bay. At worst, they have the potential …
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Germaphobe's Delight "Commercial"

Germaphobe's Delight "Commercial"
https://youtu.be/dWCJdjcjbfM As some of you already know, the Bartlesville Farmer's Market has been postponed this year until June. So, in an effort to help get the word out to locals and others about some of our products, we determined to do some "commercials" of some of the helpful things we sell. Germaphobe's Delight is our hand sanitizer. We've been making …
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