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February 26, 2020

Yup, February is a two-fer this time! :) Just sharing some fun stuff with you. I know, I know. Exercise, fun? Well, yes, yes, it can be. And it's something we all need. We all need more movement. Sitting all the time like most of us do, is very unhealthy. So many parts of you will just feel better if you get that lymph moving and those muscles fired up, and it honestly doesn't take much time. So don't poo-poo me on this. :P Just enjoy! Talk to ya next time,

Fun Walking Workouts for Wintertime or Anytime

Fun Walking Workouts for Wintertime or Anytime
I wanted to share a fun form of walking that I've been doing for a couple years now. As some of you may know, I have a bum leg left over from my stroke that kind of gives me fits if I don't exercise it. It's all good when I can get outdoors and walk, but come wintertime that's more …
Categories: exercise

Tummy Bliss

Tummy Bliss
I’ve been having tummy troubles for a stretch now, and ever since they started, gas and bloating have been constant companions. There’s been times my belly is so tight that it hurts. Days where I have felt—quite literally—like I’m going to EXPLODE because there’s SO MUCH gas broiling around my gut.😵 The struggle is real in more ways than just …
Categories: Essential Oils, tummy troubles

Living With Chronic Pain

Living With Chronic Pain
My foot’s been bothering me. My stroke foot. “Stumpy” we used to call it for several months after my stroke. It’s been 3 years and going-on-8 months. And it still doesn’t work right. A lot of strokies have trouble with parts of their stroke limbs locking up. There’s never a time it doesn’t hurt, just times it hurts less. And …
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