Healthy Healing Digest
Volume 1, Issue 11
April 3, 2018
Howdy y'all! Hope your Easter holiday was enjoyable. We had a good time with the kids and grands and egg hunts and a cookout and games. And we won’t talk about Robins Eggs or Jelly Bellys. 😉

One thing that’s been kind of on my mind this time to address is my point of view. Sometimes I feel a little weird writing everything here from my point of view as if y'all want to hear everything I have to say about everything. Like I’m so interesting. 😜

I don’t really know if I’m interesting or not, but I do know you don’t actually need me. I mean, you have Google. Lol. There’s thousands and thousands of gigabytes worth of information on the internet. You can search for yourself and find tons of info on ..well, anything and everything... and probably lots of things you never even knew you needed to know.
The only thing different I have to offer on any subject anywhere is my own point of view. My experiences. Anything else is just a rehash of someone else’s stuff.

I’m one of those weirdies that likes to read Amazon reviews from real people to get a feel for any product. I might not buy something from there, but I look to see what experiences others have had with a thing before I commit to purchasing.

That’s kinda the feel I’m shooting for here. I’m really not trying to make everything about me. If it sometimes feels that way, that’s why.

I truly hope someone can benefit from the things I’ve been through, messed up, figured out, enjoyed or hated, concocted, researched, studied, etc., etc. Whether that's socially, herbally, medicinally, spiritually, or otherwise.

So... hope you enjoy this issue,
mary 💗

Weight Loss Journey: TRIM HEALTHY MAMA

The scale’s moving downwards again (just a little) and I am thankful. I really do want to keep losing. I still have a goal of 150 that I want to reach. Who knows? Maybe by this time next year?

I was very pleased to see this year’s easter pictures as compared to 2 years ago. You can definitely tell I’ve lost 35ish lbs since starting THM in March of last year.

And it’s not really been all that much work. It was at first to learn it. I spent a good three-four months getting a grasp on understanding what the sisters (authors) were saying. But once I got it, it’s just sorta been natural since then. And there’s so many helpful groups and people to aide on this journey.

And as I shared in the last newsletter, my health has improved so much which was my main reason for starting THM. Now, I'm not saying there isn't any need for discipline and determination. (You can't be half committed to anything and expect good results). But it's def been worth the learning curve, with soooo much more food freedom than other "diets".

I wanted to share a THM low-carb bread this time. With the new baking laws in Oklahoma where you can sell baked goods at Farmer's Markets now, we're considering offering some THM bread for sale amongst other possible sugar-free nummies.
nuke queen's bread
This recipe was the first THM bread I ever made. You can even make it in the microwave. To me, it tastes like a biscuit. I just love it with a sausage patty, egg, and cheese. It’s muy awesome toasted with (sugar free) jam or jelly too. And grilled cheese... ooo la la.


It’s made with Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend which you can purchase
here from their store. It’s easy to make your own baking blend too. There’s many copycat recipes floating around.

The easiest blend to make is equal measures of coconut flour, almond flour, and flax meal and we’ve used that one a lot.

Here’s the one we use most often though: http://www.meanderingwithmeg.com/trim-healthy-mama-homemade-baking-blend-recipe-fp/

This one calls for Oat Fiber. I suggest you buy Thm's oat fiber and don’t sub for a different brand. The ones we’ve used from other places have definite aftertastes and have tended to be hard on the digestion. You can also leave out the collagen or sub protein powder. Also, you can sub xanthum gum for the gluccomannon. All of which can be found locally.

All THM fixin's are gluten free. But most gfree stuff uses high carb flour, like rice flour or corn flour, both of which will spike your sugar. All these flours in these proportions are low in carbs (meaning they won’t spike your sugar) and overall low in fat too.

Of course, if you have a nut allergy you’ll want to find other options. I know there's low carb baking blend recipes without nut flour.

Check out our THM Pinterest board for more awesome ideas for using this flour.

Wanna talk about Trim Healthy Mama? Send me an email at:

Product Review:

Citilane Roka Crocs

See these? They’re Crocs. 🐊 No. Really.. they are.

For years we’ve been used to seeing crocs that look similar to the pic below, or some various other version. But lately I’ve discovered Crocs have evolved!
With my lame stoke foot the only shoes I can really wear somewhat comfortably are Birkenstocks or Crocs. Birkies are expensive; Crocs are less so, plus they’re more cushiony.

These were a pleasant surprise. I was a little leery of them cuz of the closed back. The mechanics of my foot has changed since the stroke and I wasn’t sure if a shoe with an enclosed back would work
for me. They usually pinch my toes, which is torture.

But the reviews were favorable on that issue so I gave 'em a go, and I have to say, I love 'em!
These are medium width. The toe box is wide enough that I don’t have any issue with scrunchiness there. They fit kinda snug, especially with socks. I thought I was gonna need a shoehorn at first to get them on. But over time they’ve relaxed and it's much easier to get them on now. Of course, in the summer I won’t need socks so they’ll be even easier.

They give me a sense of firmness and solidity in my step. A sense of security and sureness. They have the familiar Crocs footbed with little massaging pokey things (can't think what they’re called 😛).

I love em! (Did I say that already?)

I also have seen they have Crocs now that look like tennis shoes. The reviews on Amazon are quite good on those too, especially from nurses who are on their feet a lot. So, I hope to save my money and get a pair at some point.

Here’s the link on Amazon for what I have on.


Relatively inexpensive. Pretty to look at. The first time I wore them was to a Farmers Market meeting and I was getting compliments on them right and left. And they have different styles. So, if you’re looking for a great pair of summer shoes.. these just might fit the bill.😊🐊

Healthy Healing:

Incontinence + Exercise, What You May Need to Know

Ok. So. This might be a little TMI (too much info) for some of you. Up close and (maybe too) personal. But, here we go.
One of the things I’ve had trouble with since the stroke was incontinence. Not a lot. Just a little.

(Shhh, don’t talk so loud).

A few dribbles mostly. 💦 Not quite making it. Somehow something happens when your body sees the toilet, and you let lose right as you’re sitting down. It wasn’t anything big, but enough sometimes that I had to change my undies, and didn’t always trust myself in public.

I’d also sometimes have troubles at night making it to the toilet. And I’d taken to wearing a pee pad at night for the just in case scenario. Which was more often than not. 🙁

The thing nowadays is drugs to help control the problem. I didn’t want to go that route. Next would be herbs. But even that can upset the body’s natural balance. Something I didn’t want to do unless absolutely necessary.

So my thought from there was “Kegels” as a way to strengthen those muscles. Kegels are where you isolate the muscles you use to pee and flex them. It’s what they teach you oftentimes after childbirth to re-strengthen the pelvic floor.

I know they work from past experience, and I’d been doing kegels, but nothing changed. They weren’t helping. I was still leaking off and on.
Well, a few months ago, I added some new exercises to my routine. My stroke brain had finally kicked in and connected again with the muscles I needed to use to be able to stand without having to use my arms to push myself up (not quite there yet, but getting closer). So I went to the internet looking for ways to strengthen those particular muscles.

The muscles you use to stand up with are the glutes. Gluteus Maximus. Buttocks. ..Butt muscles.

Basically, the exercise was to sit and squeeze your butt muscles together. Not too fast. One every second or so. Slowly, to provide tension for the muscle to strengthen. 3-4 sets of 15 each day.

I also do the same sort of exercise to work my hamstrings. Sitting in a chair, I brace my feet against the legs and push/squeeze, which works the back of my thighs as well as the glutes from a different angle.

Well, in this last month or so, I realized I wasn’t having near the problem with dribbling as I used to. And I began to suspect it was directly related to these exercises.

So I began consciously tightening my butt muscles as I walked to the bathroom each time.

Sure enough.... yep, you guessed it... I wasn’t dribbling anymore. At all. I was able to control the urge and not let the waters flow of their own accord. 💦

I find I don’t have to go to the bathroom quite so often either, which was another problem I’ve had since the stroke. So, yea.... butt muscles. 😋

I don’t know if this info is of use to anyone else, but I know a lot of pee pads are sold nowadays, so I imagine others struggle with it too. It’s pretty much unmentionable... but well, I’m mentioning it. 😉 Lol.

If you have problems with incontinence, then perhaps strengthening your glutes as I’ve described above can help. 💦 Worth a try.

Spiritual Ponderings: Sacred Marriage

Sacred Marriage 1
I've been reading a book by Gary Thomas called "Sacred Marriage".

Boy. It's challenging.

The premise of the book is that just maybe God didn't intend marriage to make us happy as much as to make us holy.

What a thought.

We all have Cinderella in mind. Happily ever after. We think we're owed happiness. We've sucked up so much "romance" in our lives from the time we were children that we think it's our right to be happy.

But God's heart for us is that we should
Sacred Marriage 2
grow to be like his Son. And difficult spouses, different temperaments and personalities, quirks, likes, dislikes, emotions, addictions, money, selfishness, immaturity, and a host of other things in a marriage can be the catalyst for God having his heart's desire in us.

No, not easy. But it makes us seek him. And need him. Yes, excruciating to the flesh at times. But if we don't give up, extremely sweet in the fruit it bears in our hearts and lives.
Sacred Marriage 3

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