Lotion Bars

Ok. : ) So. Here we go. Our first real post (knees knocking a bit- ok, not really THAT much 😛 ). Where to start?

I’m thinkin’ lotion bars. We sold a lot of them last week at the market.

What’s a lotion bar, you might ask? Well, it’s basically hard lotion. It’s coconut oil that’s been melted together with beeswax and poured into a mold. Once it cools and sets, you have lotion that you can pick up in your hand instead of something that comes from a pump bottle. : ) When you rub it on your skin, the surface of it melts slightly leaving a thin, but highly moisturized layer of lotion.

The coconut oil in our bars and some of the other items we make is pretty great stuff! It’s benefits are too many to mention here, but over time, it can even help to prevent wrinkles and saggy skin. For myself (Mary) I’ve been amazed at how much my 50ish (ahem.. 35ish?) skin looks softer and younger and less wrinkly over the time I’ve been using coconut oil on my face nightly. Also the beeswax in the bars has many nourishing properties which provides a layer of protection against external irritants while it still allows the skin to breathe.

And as for smells….. Essential oils provide much more than just an aroma, they have actual medicinal value. Here are some of the combinations we have:

  • Beside Still Waters (formerly, Calm): Lavender oil which is soothing and healing and relaxing and just plain lovely to inhale.

  • Casting All Your Cares (formerly, DeStress): Lavender and Sweet Orange oil which is the ‘Calm’ bar ramped up a bit. It’s wonderful for when you’re feeling anxious and stressed.

  • Sage & Citrus: Our hormone bar with Clary Sage and Bergamot essential oils.
  • Queen of Sheba (formerly Vanilla Silk):

We also have an unscented version.

Here are some ideas for using lotion bars:

~My favorite way to use them are on my feet. They’re perfect for those dry spots around the edges and tops of toes, and when used regularly they’ll help to heal cracks and crustiness.

~They’re great for rough elbows and knees too, and for those dotty-spotty’s you sometimes get on the backs of your arms.

~They’re wonderful for keeping the flaky ‘dust’ off your legs.

~I also love using them for my fingertips and cuticles which always seem to be dry.

~They’re most awesome protection from windburn on windy days. They even have an SPF of about 4 against the sun.

~Try them after a shower and then dry off lightly.

~You can use ’em on babies and toddlers too. The beeswax in them makes a wonderful barrier against diaper wetness.

Lotion bars are pretty great! They’re very unique and useful in ways that other lotions might not be, and unlike regular lotions they leave you feeling truly moisturized for many hours.


A couple good sources and recipes for lotion bars:



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